Monday, 19 August 2013

Everyday Moments..

 My little bread bin fabric and yarn stash for current projects..
Olive always finds the best spots in the house for midday napping..
Finally our strawberries are growing..
Can't wait to wear these lovelies for more than five minutes..
Eat your heart out Rachel Khoo, this is my little kitchen..
 35 week bump and I enjoying a little late afternoon sunshine..

All is quiet and content around here..
Much Love

Joining the fun and inspiring images at The Shack hosted by the gorgeous Em.


  1. Lovely Sophie.
    there's been plenty of cat napping in the winter sunshine here too.
    Beautiful shot of your tummy. x

  2. Oh that belly! So very beautiful. And yay to strawberries growing x x

  3. Oh that shadow on your wrist! And that beautiful belly

  4. Your kitty reminds me of my old cat. Lovely pics!

    Rowdy Fairy

  5. I love the little touches of crochet throughout your house!

  6. How many times can I say nawwww. X

  7. Oh such pretty photos, I love that green cat and the real cat :P Congrats on the bumb!

  8. I adore the idea of the bread tin as a linen holder - that's one to remember!

  9. Gorgeous shots and oh, fresh strawberries! <3 I love the last picture so much! Also, Olive is a total cutie. ^_^

  10. I'm just about to remove my bread from the bread bin....I've a much better use for it! Lovely, lovely images! :) x

  11. Enjoy the last few weeks of that beautiful belly. I'm off to fill my bread bin up with my latest crochet project. Love all the snippets from your home. mel x


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