Wednesday, 14 August 2013

August Seven Vignettes..

This month, after attending Kara's amazing vignette class, I was more excited than ever to try out some of my new found tips and tricks on August's 7 vignettes.  I found myself a lovely sunny little spot to set up each morning to create a scene and within that frame, tell a story.  I decided that this month while I still had the time and the momentum, that I would work on creating intricate and detailed vignettes, using everyday objects and much loved treasures to capture the spirit of each theme.  Here are my August vignettes..

Day 1 - Tea/Coffee. Inspired by magical literary tea parties with mad hatters & talking flowers.

Day 2 - Bedside. Inspired by the globetrotting adventures of a wandering soul.

Day 3 - Window. Inspired by the window to a pirate's soul. A tale of ghost ships & high adventure.

Day 4 - Elegant. Inspired by the redefined elegance & decadent delight of the 1920s. 

Day 5 - Monochrome. Inspired by texture, pattern & everyday delights.

Day 6 - Emotional. Inspired by the beautiful emotions I'm currently feeling as I set up our September baby's nursery. Touches of native flora & May Gibbs imagery inspired by our love of nature.

Day 7 - Handmade. Inspired by picture books, pineapples & the tools of the trade.

 This month I also had a bit of fun with a few outtakes. This was my favourite, simple titled... The Clean Up.  I seem to spend the next week trying to work out where I found all these bits and pieces!

My favourite day.. Well how could I resist a tea party! I also loved creating my piratesque scene, I do love a good high sea adventure. And of course, putting bits and pieces together from the nursery just filled my heart with joy.  
    Every month I'm just blown away by the beautiful kindness of the fabulous 7 vignette community, and this month was no exception.  It's such fun to challenge your creative limits and at the same time it's so lovely to feel supported by such a passionate group of talented creatives.  At the end of the week, I'm always left feeling so inspired and already dreaming up ideas and rearranging the house.  Next month as our little adventurer's due date draws very near, I'm still looking forward to playing along, although I have a feeling my vignettes will be a little more relaxed than usual.  An exciting challenge for this bowerbird indeed!

Pop over to Jen's fabulous blog for more information about 7 vignettes and be sure to join in the fun!

Much Love


  1. Gorgeous! I love the tea/coffee one! The colors are perfect.

    Rachael of THE PARADERS

  2. Wow! These are wonderful. I can't wait till my toddlers are over the phase of "touching/destroying" things and I can set up lovely things like these xo

  3. Love the elegant one! Looks like a lot of fun!

  4. So very beautiful Soph! I adore the pirate themed vignette...the colours, the props...all so evocative. Hope your days are grand x x

  5. I love your vignettes! How lovely and artful!


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