Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My World in July..

July.. What an amazing month it has been, full of celebration, love, kindness and wisdom, it's been one I will always remember.  As I look back at over the last four weeks, I can't quite believe how quickly the days have danced on by, filled with planning, nesting and embracing the final trimester of this remarkable journey.  And as I hang tiny onesies on the line to dry, put the finishing touches on the nursery and embrace nanna naps in the afternoon sunshine that seeps through our bedroom window, I enjoy each moment, breath it all in and as patiently (and calmly) as possible await our new adventure to begin. 

Weather: Without a doubt it's been one of the most beautiful winters I've experienced and has reminded me of my childhood, growing up in Cairns, still going to the beach, wearing sandals and straw hats in the middle of winter.  The occasional rainy day has brought with it the perfect opportunity to relax, nest and the chance to enjoy some amazing rainbows.  

Writing: This month, for the first time in years, I've branched away from my much loved moleskine journal, to document my thoughts and feelings about this beautiful pregnancy journey in it's own space.  After collecting pages from notebooks that I'd scribbled in the early days and creating a little archive, it has been such a positive experience to set my hand and mind free to explore all the emotions that come with this precious experience. 

Making: While I had anticipated making a few more bits and pieces for our home, especially the nursery, I found myself instead enjoying creating decorations for my baby shower. Making simple paper flowers, bunting and packs for the day's craft activity was a lovely way to spend some creative time with my mum and sister.  There will be much more making to come in August! 

Baking: July has brought with it a few lovely experimental recipes, including a milo chocolate pudding (one of those nothing in the cupboard, cold evening desserts) and a few batches of macadamia and white chocolate biscuits inspired by Tabitha Emma's recipe.    

Reading: While much of my evening reading has been a wonderful variety baby related literature,  I'm loving relaxing in the mornings with a copy of Country Style or The Simple Things.  I'm also adoring The Vintage Tea Party Book, a special baby shower gift from my sister in law. 

Daydreaming about:  This month inspired by vignette making and market wandering I've been daydreaming about the little market stall I can't wait to set up over the summer, the book I've been planning and writing for many years and the secret little stationery and bookshop I would love to open someday.  Although a little way off, these lovely daydreams keep me inspired and motivated to always seek out grand adventures.     

Planting & Harvesting: July has seen two gardens planted in our little nest, filled with veggies and herbs, just the very beginnings of our sustainable little sanctuary.  Our dill, coriander and parsley are already finding their way into evening meals and the passionfruit vine in the backyard is brimming with fruit.  I can't wait for the strawberries and limes to follow suit. 

Inspired by: I've been so very fortunate to spend time with some incredibly talented women this month who have each been so inspiring in my life for many years.  It's been such a privilege to connect with Pia Jane Bijkerk, Megan Morton and Kara Rosenlund and share in the wisdom, passion and love that each brings to their creative pursuits. My soul is aflutter with ideas and a knowing that I've finally found the path I've been searching for. 

Special moments to come: August brings with it a very special time in our world, to reflect on the past twelve months and look forward to the amazing times ahead.  This weekend we are heading up to Maleny, to the same beautiful cottage where we spent our honeymoon.  This time we are enjoying a very special babymoon, to celebrate our beautiful growing family.  This month we also to hold each other close as we commemorate the first anniversary of our angel Cohen.  And while I know some days will be much easier than others in August, I am reminded of the beautiful sunrise I was blessed to witness on my birthday. I now know in my heart that those beaming rays of light can always penetrate even the darkest storm clouds and bring with them a beautiful new day full of hope.    

Thank you for sharing in the little moments from my July. 
Much Love


  1. I love the creativity that comes while pregnant. It took a while for me to accept it in my last pregnancy, because it looked so different than what I had formerly produced (in art school).
    But now that I am pregnant with my second child I completely embrace the simple things I want to make, such as your flowers for the baby shower.
    Pregnancy, although miserable in so many ways (which I tend to dwell on far too much) is also such a time of growth for the mama! I love it!
    Thanks for this post, just reading about the things you're doing remind me to enjoy all the little changes happening in my home as well. :)

  2. I have to say and agree that I have always found pregnancy to be such an inspirational time creatively. I've even found it more so in the early days and months of breastfeeding a newborn that I literally a experience a mental visual portal in my mind where I'm am flooded with snippets of colour, pattern, ideas, design that race through my mind off to so many other inspirations. It is a hard thing to explain what happens and possibly sounds very weird to others. But I find it such and amazing time.

    I know what August could be like for you, May is that way for me. But allowing yourself to be free and open to continued healing through life simple pleasures and moments and staying connected to that will help you through, but I think you know that.

    We will hold you, Ben and little Cohen and your sweet adventurer in our thought preciously and especially this month. X

  3. What a beautiful little summary! I especially love your day dreams, they are wonderful and I hope those dreams come true for you! :)

    Rowdy Fairy

  4. You're so amazing. Such a special time! I found when pregnant that everything became intensely physical - so much so that mental tasks were very difficult.. I wanted to do things and move, not think too much or journal. Just follow your instincts and enjoy this time before the (magical) chaos reigns!


  5. I know I don't comment very often but I always read your posts. I'm looking forward to sharing the journey of the coming months with you as your family becomes 3. You are beautiful! Love Leisa. Xx


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