Thursday, 11 July 2013

Maternity Restyle - 29 Weeks..

Dress: Sugar Babe (2012) Jeans: Mavi Maternity (2012)
Cardigan: Target (2012) Belt & Shoes: Kmart
Brooch: Vintage   

As we walked back to our car after our Sunday Finders Keepers adventure, I was searching for a little spot to stop and take some photos.  The beautiful grandeur and elegance captures me each time I visit and as I paused to look back at the lovely architecture from across the road, I also found a nice shady tree and lovely view.  I always love putting together a fun outfit to wear to Finders Keepers but this year I thought would prove a little more tricky.  I'd kept a few 'hopefully they might fit' dresses in my wardrobe and to my delight this springtime favourite worked as a long top over my much loved jeans. I love a little bit of maternity restyling and I'm looking forward to seeing what else I can rework over the coming weeks for my birthday celebrations and baby shower. 

This week after finally sorting out a good portion of our nest, I've embarked on the creation of our little adventurer's nursery and oh my I'm having so much fun.  It's so exciting to see everything coming together! It seems over the years I've been thrifting and squirreling away some perfect treasures to create an eclectic and whimsical little room.   I can't wait to share a few of the DIYs I'm working on and a sneak peek very soon.

Much Love


  1. Beautiful! Ba'il saw these photos and said your having a baby girl in your tummy xox

  2. Nawww look at your bump and your gorgeous smile. Way to go on the restyle, literally everything in my wardrobe had been restyled in some way or another through this pregnancy to get through and stay true to my style. With about five weeks left it's getting to be a little bit of a struggle.

    Stay beautiful lovely lady. X

  3. Love your style! Looking so good at 29 weeks!

  4. I think just because you are pregnant you don't have to lose "your" style.

  5. I love your yellow cardi! Looks perfect with the dress.

  6. Gorgeous! I love that dress.

  7. Always love a mustard coloured cardi. another cute outfit Sophie. x

  8. You look beautiful dear Sophie and this growing baby bump gives you a very special and stunning glow...
    I love this dress and the flower brooch is lovely too, very cute outfit!

  9. Blossoming. Pure and simple.

  10. That dress is just so adorable! I absolutely love the print!


  11. Love this outfit, you look so happy :) x

  12. Wow that's a beautiful place!

    and look at you--how wonderful will it be to have all these weeks with your growing baby bump recorded!

    Best wishes on the next weeks of this journey and the exciting beginnings of a new adventure!


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