Wednesday, 10 July 2013

July Seven Vignettes..

With each month comes the styling fun of Seven Vignettes and this time around Jen made it more challenging than ever before.  And the results were some of the most inspiring of the year.  It's so interesting to see how different creatives explore each theme and take their vignettes to a whole new level.  So here is my take on July's challenge, filled with little details and plenty of pattern and colour.

Day 1 - Celebration. Inspired by a celebration of creative moments... 

Day 2 - Favourite Colour. Inspired by the most wonderfully cheerful hue. From saffron to citrine, mustard to lemon... Yellow fills me with joy.

Day 3 - Stationery. Inspired by my secret daydreams of one day opening a little stationery shop in Paris.

 Day 4 - Contrasting. Inspired by the ever classic contrast of ephemeral black and white.

Day 5 - Winter. Inspired by some of my favourite winter pastimes.. Tea drinking, blanket snuggling, moment capturing, book reading & afternoon fossicking.

Day 6 - Cheerful. Inspired by sunsets, inspiring artists, backyard blossoms, beach walks and the perfect scent of summer citrus.

Day 7 - Cleaning. Inspired by 1970s fruity hues & old fashioned methods.

For the first time this year I finally had access to all my vintage ephemera and favourite bits and pieces, which made this month all the more fun. It seems I also had a thing for teacups, cameras and citrus too! My favourite days.. I really enjoyed making each one, but 'favourite colour' and 'cheerful' were especially enjoyable to create, as I found myself becoming a little bowerbird throughout the day, searching high and low for yellow and orange hues. The most challenging day was by far 'cleaning', although as soon as I realised I had some gorgeous vintage wallpaper from Laura which happened to match my little broom, the fruity colours all began to come together.

Thanks so much to Jen from Interiors Addict and Story of Us for a super fun week! Can't wait to see what Jen comes up with for August, I think I best start planning ideas soon.

Have you been checking out the vignette fun? Pop over to the #7vignettes hashtag on Instagram to see all the amazing entries.

Much Love


  1. I love cheerful but my fave was your celebrate one - so perfect in the hoop!
    How are you finding the colouring book? Is the paper nice? I'm very tempted!

    1. Thank you so much lovely lady! Oh I was so lucky to receive the beautiful colouring book from the publisher to review. It just arrived in the mail so I haven't really had a chance to explore it completely yet, but the pages look amazing, the paper is beautiful and I can't wait to delve in and get colouring. xx

  2. Wonderful idea, I loved all the photos:)

  3. They are all so thoughtfully and beautifully done -but the secret garden pips it for me! x

  4. I love "favorite color" best. My favorite color too! Each picture is so perfect. What fun!

  5. These are beautiful Sophie! :) x

  6. okay... these are unfairly beautiful! i love your creative heart!

  7. These are all fantastic and so inspiring! I absolutely love the colours and composition in "Cheerful". I hadn't heard of 7 Vignettes before, but it looks like a lot of fun. :)

  8. Every single one of these vignettes is so inspiring, I particularly love Winter. That camera is so gorgeous, and when I see the words, tea, blanket and book in the same sentence, I know I'll love it!
    Very pretty post dear Sophie, as always!

  9. Wow, they're all so gorgeous! I particularly adore 1 and 3, they give such a crafty vibe! Never heard if a vignette before, but I must do my research, because this seems quite fun!

  10. I loved every single one! Gorgeous use of colour and story telling.

  11. Each and every one of your vignettes is fabulous Sophie! x


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