Saturday, 6 July 2013

A Magical Day of Wandering..

Back in February, I shared a story very dear to my soul… It was about little treasures, wandering hearts, an inspiring soul and giving a dream wings to fly.

In the last few paragraphs of that post, I mentioned a little dream of mine, to spend the day wandering with this inspiring soul, stylist, author and photographer, Pia Jane Bijkerk.  Now here we are just a few months later, Pia’s beautiful book, Little Treasures: Made By Hand in print and adorning the shelves of homes around the world.  In the fortuitous nature of the universe, and with some fabulous organising by my dear friend and travelling companion Steph, my little dream also came to fruition. Last Saturday I found myself wandering the picturesque streets of Surry Hills and Redfern with the most wonderful group of creative and inspiring ladies, Steph, Gaby (and beautiful Clementine), Jodi and Luisa, led by the gorgeous Pia, as we explored some of her favourite boutiques and hidden nooks.
We began the day following a little white rabbit and it is perhaps Lewis Carroll’s Alice who would best understand what happened next… As the rain began to fall upon the streets, Surry Hills was transported to another time and place and there we gathered outside Bourke Street bakery, delicious treats and umbrellas in hand ready to explore this new found dreamscape.

Around every corner an ephemeral discovery… somehow placed there magically for our creative souls to discover. Behind tiny doors and enchanted corners, we were treated to some of the most captivating shops and studios in Sydney. 

We began the day fossicking two beautiful Surry Hills shops, Elements I Love and Ici Et La.  Both fascinated our inner stylists with their gorgeous decor, eclectic antique furniture and wonderfully quirky treasures. To my sheer delight there was even a tiny red Fiat in Ici Et La filled with their gorgeous signature fabric and of course, a vintage tuba.     

A short meander around the streets found us at Follow, a little boutique that has been long on my to visit list. Brimming with handmade delights and the latest crop of Australia's fabulous design talent, every inch of Follow is a truly inspiring. 

A long lunch and plenty of captivating conversations followed at Twig Cafe at Garden Life, a delightful spot to spend a little time chatting about life, family and asking Pia a few questions about her every inspiring work.  

As the rain continued to fall, Tracey Deep’s studio was a hidden sanctuary for the senses, tucked away in the leafy streets of Redfern. Each botanical element breathed an enchanting touch of new life into the everyday, yearning to be photographed and enjoyed. Watching Tracey weave her magic was one of the day's highlights and being able to take home a little piece of her studio home is something I will always treasure. 

Our final stop for the day and for me the most wonderfully enchanting experience was Seasonal Concepts.  This remarkable shop is part florist and part antique shop with mixed with a dash of village apothecary and traditional English pub for good measure.  Dark, moody and filled with gorgeous vintage delights, it was the perfect place for a fairytale afternoon tea nestled amongst the treasures whilst the rain danced upon the emporium windows. 

And as the day drew to a close, I couldn't help but look at the beautiful women who surrounded me and smile at the truly magical moment I was so privileged to be a part of.  Filled with a renewed sense of purpose, excitement and inspiration for new possibilities, I could not be more grateful for this amazing wandering experience (and a very special little babymoon adventure).  A huge thank you to my fellow wanders, for such a beautiful day and most importantly to Pia, a truly amazing soul, who inspires me endlessly to enhance the everyday and see magic in the beautiful details of life.

Much Love


  1. What a wonderful and glorious day you got to enjoy. X

  2. Magical
    And so beautifully told

  3. Wow! Those shops look out of this world! The teapots definitely make me smile :)

  4. What a beautiful day. You describe it perfectly. I love the last picture, with the paper rolled up in a bottle. Very Romantic!

  5. i've been waiting for someone else to post their recap! it's so nice to see it through your eyes. what a day! xx

  6. Beautiful photos - it looks like a truly magical day. I'm in love with the photos of the flowers.

  7. What a gorgeous day! So many magical little spots.

  8. You seemed to have had such a wonderful time there dear Sophie, and the way you describe it all here, I almost feel like I was there too... I love your writing, you really make us travel with you in those beautiful adventures of yours and It's so charming to just imagine myself being there amongst you girls, sipping a nice hot tea in one of these pretty flower cups!
    Thanks for sharing this lovely story with us darling...

  9. It looks like you had a lovely adventure Sophie! Gorgeous photos x

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day. Your photos are beautiful!


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