Sunday, 9 June 2013

Secondhand Maternity Style - 24 Weeks

 Dress: Thrifted (Vintage)  Jacket: Borrowed from my fabulous mum
Scarf & Tights: Target  Boots & Brooch: Vintage  Sunglasses: Wilde Asher

It's a bit of a special maternity style this week (and much closer to 25 weeks than 24), with a few shots snapped in a quiet moment of Saturday's Vintage Treasure Hunt.  Surrounded by my favourite collections, all lovingly fossicked over the years, with beautiful stories to tell, I was totally in my element.  Finding an outfit to suit this special day was a bit of fun.  I had actually thought of finding a new home for this dress, but for one reason or another I just couldn't part with it. I'm so glad it was still hanging in my wardrobe, not only because it still fits (although only for a few more weeks I suspect), but it's one of my very favourite vintage dresses and seemed quite appropriate for my first ever market. 

The day was just a joy and I had so much fun with some of my favourite vintage sellers and meeting so many fabulous people in 'real life'. As the gorgeous Trudie suspected, I've most certainly got myself a market addiction and I'm already dreaming up plans and ideas for my next adventure (which includes finding a prettier alternative to the broom handle I used to hang my hand stitched banner). A big thank you to the ever amazing Kim for organising the event, to my family for all their hard work to help my little dream come true and to everyone who popped in to say hi and enjoy the vintage treasures, for helping making the day such a wonderful success. 

I hope you're weekend has been a fabulous one too!  
Much Love


  1. So sad that I had to work and missed it. I love your dress and your stall looks gorgeous even the broomstick :-)

  2. Drooling over your display. I love hunting for vintage treasures. You look great, love the broach you are wearing.

  3. Lovely to meet you Sophie, the ramekins look very happy at home on my kitchen windowsill. Good luck with your move. mel x

    1. So fabulous to meet you too Mel! So glad those little ramekins found themselves the perfect home. Must catch up again soon.
      Sophie x

  4. Awww look at you, so in your element. The outfit for the market is always fun to plan, and you have yourself a sweet ensemble. But I too know that feeling of only having a few weeks left squeezing into certain garments. I'm certainly starting to challenge my vintage frocks now in the third trimester.

    I let out a little giggle over the broom handle. I think quick functional fixes are part and parcel of getting out on the market scene. I know we scrounged around home for all sorts of vessels and what not to create our first display. I must say your display looks stellar.

    I'm looking forward to getting back to it and on a regular committed basis post baby. I'm itching now to do our next market which should be August but since little mister will make his appearance then, probably best to curb my enthusiasm a wee bit and wait.

    So pleased that it was a lovely day for you and you're even more marketing mumma you. X

  5. Love the outfit and that sign turned out wonderfully! So would have loved to attend!

  6. Oh golly, that dress sure is wonderful! I really love the pattern and it looks so adorable!


  7. well done! looks fab (and you look amazing too!!) x

  8. I love that dress! You look fabulous! As a regular market photographer I'd have loved to have stumbled across your stall! It looks gorgeous xx

  9. wow beautiful outfit

    I loved the work on the dress

    Hope to see more such dress collection from your side

    Maternity Clothing


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