Thursday, 27 June 2013

My World in June..

June has been one of those amazing whirlwind months and the whole time, I've felt on the precipice of a brand new world, just waiting to be explored.  Day by day our new nest transforms  a little more into our home, a place for us to settle down while we dream big and bring our baby into the world in twelve short weeks. Yes June has been one of excitement, challenge and starting a new and through those moments when I couldn't see beyond the boxes and bubble wrap, my word for the year.. embrace has made all the difference.  

Weather: After five long winters in regional Victoria, these remarkable Queensland days have taken my breath away.  Wandering down the local beach barefoot, basking in the warm winter sunshine has been such a joy, while the cool evenings remind me to nurture my little family with warming winter meals and colourful crochet blankets. 

Writing: Finding a moment to put pen to paper has been challenging this month and while I long to  release all my thoughts and emotions, I'm reminded to embrace the experiences and enjoy each moment.  My journal is waiting patiently, while in my everyday notebook there are exciting scribbles of nursery ideas, upcoming blog posts and sweet baby names.  

Making: While I potter a little each day to bring our home to life, I'm finding wonderful stashes of stationery and craft supplies I thought had all but vanished.  Our nest is slowly taking shape, one room at a time and with the discovery of my sewing machine, I can't wait to start making some cushion covers and delights for the nursery.  

Baking: As my baking love affair continues, chocolate brownies and warming puddings have been weekend treats for family and friends.  In July, I'm looking forward to a little birthday baking, pumpkin scone making and perfecting some of my grandmother's recipes. 

Watching: As I feather my nest, I'm also exploring my new found love for cooking, very much inspired by Rachel Khoo's beautiful show, The Little Paris Kitchen and the glorious culinary world of Nigella Lawson.   

Reading: Continuing my very domesticated month (being a Cancerian, I really do just adore being home), I'm re-reading Design*Sponge at Home, for some fabulous ideas to bring our warehouse style kitchen and dining room to life.  I'm also loving flicking through my grandmother's handwritten recipe books and can't wait to share some of her beautiful recipes soon.  On my bedside table is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, a fortuitous find that called my to nestle within its pages. 

Daydreaming about:  With only twelve weeks to go and the nursery filling with joyous baby delights, I'm finding myself standing at the doorway, dreaming about the months ahead.  As I nestle into the warmth of my feeding chair and flick through my favourite story books, the roar of the ocean the most enchanting of soundscapes,  I dream about meeting our little adventurer and all that this amazing journey will bring.

Inspired By: It's the little details in nature that have been inspiring me this month.  The beautiful banksia trees in the backyard, the extraordinary sunsets and full moon, remind me to take time  each day, to explore my new surroundings, to take in the details and enjoy the gifts that the universe brings. 

Excited about: June has been filled with so many exciting moments.  From the fabulous Vintage Treasure Hunt and opening my little instagram shop, Her Retro Adventuresto moving house and finding our new world on the Sunshine Coast, it's been a month to remember. And as I packed my bags this morning for my weekend in Sydney wandering with some very beautiful ladies, I'm filled with such joy and childlike adventure.  It's the perfect way to finish the halfway mark of 2013. 

Looking forward to: July brings with much love and celebrations, including my 29th birthday and baby shower.  I'm so looking forward to spending the day with the beautiful women in my life and embracing their wisdom and guidance into motherhood.  Also on my July to do list, is the fabulous Finders Keepers, the Garden Expo, getting to work in our beautiful new veggie patch and enjoying family walks on the beach.  I can't wait!

Thank you for sharing in the little moments from my world in June. 
Much Love


  1. June has been a busy, exciting and welcomed month for you.
    Enjoy your weekend away in Sydney. x

  2. gorgeous Sophie!
    i'm so excited for you guys.

  3. I think you know I just filled with joy, happiness and excitement for you and Ben. X

  4. oh just a stunning capture of whats inspired you this month! Thank you for sharing and for all the delightful links...wishing you a splendid nesting time xx

  5. I assume you're talking about the garden expo at Nambour - if so, it is really good. I haven't been for a few years and i'll miss it again this year but do make sure you check out the permaculture section and eat an organic donut!

    Also, I visited Eumundi markets yesterday and bought some beautiful scarves and I can recommend the Brazilian food stall!

  6. Gorgeous pic of some cosy winter colour. Enjoy every minute of your nesting. mel x

  7. I haven't read your blog in a long while, but so glad to hear that in 12 weeks you will have a bundle of joy!

  8. You sound so calm and contented about the setting up home and the nesting...its lovely
    I love thinking of you filling journals with sweet baby names

  9. I have so loved reading about your nesting. My husband and I are looking for our first home and the nesting bug has hit me! I hope you keep loving and savoring all these moments. They are a treasure.

  10. I'm looking forward to the posts after baby when your Dreaming about/ inspired by/ excited about/ looking forward to will all say, "SLEEP!!!" lol

  11. loved reading ur post...feeling all cosy and nesty now!

  12. Your June sounds like it was so nice, and July sounds like it's going to be even better! A birthday and a baby shower? That's awesome. I hope you have a really great month! :)

    xo. Mandy


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