Tuesday, 11 June 2013

June Seven Vignettes..

Oh Seven Vignettes, six months into this monthly challenge and I'm more inspired than ever.  Each month the themes that little bit more tricky and the amazing creative people who take part rise to the challenge with such beautiful and inspiring images.  Each day is a new learning process, a lateral thinking puzzle and a real buzz! Here's my take on June's wonderfully interesting themes...

Day 1 - Holder. Inspired by Sibella Court's fabulous philosophy 'if it holds water, it's a vase' & 
gorgeous farmers market roses.

Day 2 - Set. Inspired by retro baking adventures.

Day 3 - Gold. Inspired by the golden age of piracy & treasures of old.

Day 4 - Edible. Inspired by my current love for strawberries & baking.

Day 5 - Candlelit. Inspired by late night musings by candlelight

Day 6 - Vintage. Inspired by my love for hues of vintage sunshine. 

 Day 7 - His. Inspired by moments from his world.

I enjoyed using the Dharma Door wrapping paper so much last month, I couldn't resist using it again for June, this time in a series of more traditional vignettes, paying particular attention to colour, texture and detail.  My favourite days were most certainly 'set' and 'vintage', especially because I seemed to be surrounded by retro goodness all last week.  This month also proved to be the most challenging, because I'm also in the midst of packing everything up ready for our move on Saturday.  Needless to say a few boxes needed to be repacked but it's always worth it at the end of the week.  It's such an inspiring process.  Many thanks to Jen for creating this fabulous challenge. I'm looking forward to having a new studio space to photograph in next month and all my props on hand. Bring on July's challenge!

Have you been joining in the vignettes fun too?
Much Love


  1. Day 3, oooo. I love ANYTHING pirate-y related. <3 This is all so beautiful! Also, those strawberries. Mmmm. So fresh and Summer-y!

    1. Thanks so much Angie! Yes I'm a pirate lover too! Always a wonderful source of inspiration.
      Sophie x

  2. Gorgeous week Sophie - love how you used the same background
    The foody ones are my favourites
    I missed playing this month...looking forward to July

  3. Oh, I have the same set of bowls--I just love them. They were a recent indulgence. But the berries are my favorite image.

  4. I LOVE your vignettes! I follow your blog and get so excited when I see these posts. Thanks so much! peppysis.blogspot.com

  5. Love, love, love the yellow typewriter and the floral birdies! I love them all, actually.

  6. Your vignettes are just stunning. They really showcase your vintage treasures. x

  7. Loved loved loved all of your vignettes as always Sophie! x


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