Friday, 31 May 2013

Secondhand Maternity Style - 23 Weeks

Dress: Thrifted Shirt: Cotton On (2012)
Top & Tights: Target
Shoes: Rivers Necklace: Wilde Asher 

An excitement fills the air as we embark on a new season, a new month and find ourselves that little bit closer to meeting our little bubba. After a day of constant rain showers, the clouds parted and made way for a divine amber glow to dance upon the evening sky. And I wandered through the our local park I realised this may be our last visit and that soon we will be searching for new places  to capture moments, to explore and make our own, place that we will soon share in a whole new way.  

I found this lovely tie dyed dress to wear during my soul adventure in the height of summer.  I had all but forgotten about it until I was packing up my clothes and found it amongst my Spring florals and was so delighted to find it was the perfect baby bump shape.  Not only that, it matched my most comfortable shoes, certainly the highlight of my wardrobe this week.  

With the weekend just around the corner, we already filling our days with lovely plans and much needed to dos. I can't wait for our date night this evening to see The Great Gatsby (I feel like I've been waiting for years to see this film!) Saturday brings some time in the garden transplanting our veggies ready for our move, a much needed trip to the markets and perhaps even a little thrifting. Sunday's a day of organisation, packing and even a spot of baby shopping (with the thousands of other excited parents to be). Here's to weekends with the ones you love! What are your plans for this lovely weekend?

Much Love


  1. Transplanting vegies- your move mustn't be far off now.
    The colour combination of your outfit is lovely and perfect for this day, the final of autumn.

  2. Such happy pictures! :)

    I wish we could transplant our flowers and herbs and veggies when we move, but we're moving way too far for it to be possible. They will all go to our friends' houses though.

  3. ooh i can't wait to see the great gatsby either! hope your weekend is great x

  4. Utterly gorgeous mama to be! Your outfit is perfection as are your booties. Have a happy weekend. Melinda x

  5. Lovely outfit, Sophie - what gorgeous colours. Love the shoes especially! :)

  6. yes all dress are fitting nice and looking stylish and you said here both are comfortable.
    Pregnancy is a very important part of every mother and you are passing 23 weeks which are very important time, actually this time you have to need extra care for save your baby and you and are you very sincere about this. I love it! happy pregnancy..

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