Friday, 24 May 2013

Secondhand Maternity Style - 22 Weeks

 Dress: Mika & Gala (2011) Jacket: Thrifted
Jeans: Mavi Maternity (gift from my mum) Scarf: Sportsgirl (2012)
Boots: Vintage

Autumn sweeps through the beautiful Numinbah Valley, a little place that time has almost forgotten.   Logs are stacked awaiting an evening fire, maple leaves skip down main street and dappled sunlight dances through the pines. It's the season for flowing scarves and denim jackets. As I lace up my boots and feel the morning dew underfoot, I'm ever so delighted that Autumn has found this gorgeous little pocket of Queensland.  

We found this lovely park across the road from Ben's brother's home and snapped a few photos before heading off to my sister in law's baby shower last Sunday.  It's so lovely that she and I are due only eight weeks apart and it was such fun to catch up, discuss baby goodness and daydream about the adventures our little ones will have as they grow up together.  

  As winter approaches I'm hoping my little wardrobe of secondhand delights, vintage finds and a few maternity staples will see me through the cooler months.  As dresses now become a little too short, I'm beginning the restyling process by adding jeans and lovely layers.  Thank goodness for accessories and my beloved denim jacket that seems to fit no matter what. 

What are your plans for this lovely weekend ahead? We are heading north tomorrow to meet with our new midwife and check out the area we will soon be calling home.  I'm also looking forward to a little detour into hinterland for a potter through Maleny and Montville.

Much Love


  1. What a perfect way to spend the weekend! You're looking gorgeous as usual Sophie. Melinda x

  2. These pics are awesome, you're so lovely!
    You look always gorgeous!

  3. Looking sweet Sophie.
    I'm 27 weeks and with pregnancy more than other I'm having the most fun styling my clothes.
    I'm off on a road trip an hour or so away tomorrow to catch up with some beautiful blogging friends. It'll be nice to be occupied it's my twin girls fifth memorial tomorrow.

    I hope you have a most lovely weekend and your midwife is all you hope for. X

  4. I love the scarf - you look adorable. :o)

  5. Beautiful photos as always Sophie.
    I have just been reading your last couple of posts and thought I'd pass a few suggestions on to you as I live on the Sunshine Coast (Caloundra end). In case you haven't discovered it yet THE BEST CAFE on the Coast is at The Natural Foodstore at Forest Glen. The Natural Foodstore is a big organic supermarket which has been around for years (they upgrade their premises last year) and they now have a cafe/ gift shop. The gift shop has gorgeous stuff but a bit expensive but the cafe which claims to be 98% organic is sooooo good and not expensive at all. I could eat there every day. Forest Glen is really just a bunch of shops and commercial businesses on the coast side of the Bruce Highway so you will go straight past heading up to Noosa way - first exit past the Buderim/ Mooloolaba exit. I thought of you when I went there on Wednesday as the road I took (the old highway) has a lot of Maple trees and they were doing their autumn thing - which reminded me of your beautiful autumn photos! The Natural Foodstore is really popular so sometimes you have to park and walk a way (open 7 days).

    The other suggestions for markets if you haven't found them yet is the YANDINA Market ( south west of the Eumundi turnoff) which is every Saturday. I haven't been for years but they have tons of second hand stalls and plants/ produce - good place for vintage finds - good to get there early. There is also a very nice organic cafe next to Yandina pub - I've forgotten the name but it's in an old Queenslander and next to a childcare centre I think.

    My local farmers market where I shall head off to soon KAWANA MARKETS has a great stall called DEJA NEU most saturdays. The stall holders also do the PEREGIAN BEACH markets twice/ month which would be close to your new home. They sell some great vintage furniture and are a lovely couple who can look out for specific things for you. They also have a web site and facebook page which shows some of their items and tells you the dates they are at PEREGIAN (on sundays).

    And lastly if you are looking for some furniture/ vintage items for your new nest I can recommend BLOOMHILL op shops. They have stores in Calounda, Maroochydore, Buderim and Nambour and Cooroy (haven't been to that one). They are an org that helps cancer sufferers locally and I love their stores and have seen some really nice furniture at various times. The Nambour store is near the hospital so parking is a nightmare so you need to get there early but there are nice coffee shops close by.

    Have a wonderful weekend on the coast! Elements at Montville is lovely - on the Kondalilla Falls road.


    1. Thank you ever so much Katie for your gorgeous and thoughtful comment. There is so much to see and do, I just can't wait! I've added all your lovely suggestions to my to do list and am so looking forward to settling into our new home and beginning our Sunny Coast adventures. Thank you, thank you, you are the sweetest!
      Sophie x

  6. Such a lovely Autumn outfit, loving your scarf and boots!

  7. That jean jacket looks quite adorable! I'm loving all the layers!



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