Saturday, 11 May 2013

Secondhand Maternity Style - 20 Weeks

Top: Adrift (2012) Jeans: Mavi Maternity (gift from my mum)
Singlet: Thrifted  Shoes: Emerson
Sunglasses: c/o Mix Apparel 

A sea change, a fresh start upon the horizon and a nest to grow our little family.  Twenty weeks brought with it so many emotions, memories from the past and dreams for the future.  Seeing our amazing little bubba dancing joyfully about during our 20 week scan was nothing short of breathtaking. Hearing the words, beautiful and perfect meant so much more to us than anyone in that room could have imagined.  We held hands as tight as we could, smiled with such joy and relief as we realised we were about to embark on the next stage on this remarkable journey of parenthood, one that is a brand new adventure.  

Ben took these photos as we wandered through the Noosa National Park on a gorgeous, mystical Sunday last weekend.  Realising our new home would be only a ten minute drive away, we began dreaming about our soon to be family weekends by the beach, searching for koalas high in the eucalypts and fossicking for treasures.   Nothing short of perfect.

I hope your weekend is off to a beautiful start! 
And a big hug and happy Mother's Day to every mother, grandmother, mama-to-be and fur baby mama. Wishing you a day full of love, joy and handmade goodness!

Much Love


  1. so lovely to watch your belly grow over time! sweet outfit :)

  2. So happy for you mumma, I know those feelings and memories well. So filled with happiness for you and all the adventures you're embarking on. X

  3. You are gorgeous! That beach looks beautiful :-)

  4. Twenty weeks! and looking so darling!

    and congratulations on finding a new nest! I don't think I've said that yet.

  5. Happy Mother's Day Sophie - you look stunning! :)

  6. Oh sweet I can feel that lovely sense of calm wash over you and Ben as you embark on this wonderful next stage. You are just glowing and look radiant........happy mamma to be day.
    Thank you for the wishes to the fur baby mums......when you are not blessed with being able to have little people, Mother's Day is always a funny day.
    Much love V

  7. Happy Mothers Day I am so happy everything is going so well for you. You look amazing and congrats on the house!!!!

  8. My 'hearts been in my mouth' for you. You and yours deserve this happiness you brave women you!


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