Thursday, 23 May 2013

My World in May..

Once upon a time I used to write Sunday evening posts about what I'd been up to during the week.  I always liked reflecting on the little things that I'd been enjoying in life, the moments that are often forgotten as the seasons change and time passes on.  I also love to keep track of things I've been loving and been inspired by. Perhaps in the traditional fashion of journalling, I'll look back on these posts in many years to come and remember fondly that particular day or season. It's been a little while between posts like this, so I thought it might be nice to begin again.. Sharing the little bits from my world, to record the moments and remember the delightful details of each month.  

Weather: The most lovely Autumn evening.. At last Autumn has finally arrived in Brisbane, or perhaps it's the very first signs of Winter.  The faint smell of a roaring fire lingers on the horizon and I'm transported to another time and place, perhaps the beautiful world of yesteryear.  

Writing: A notebook filled with room ideas, decorating plans, lists for bubba and exciting to dos.  And journal pages slowly being brought taking shape, with deep thoughts, soul musings and gratitude for this amazing time in my life. 

Making: A little beanie here, a pom pom or two there and waiting for a quiet evening to begin work on my first blanket for our little one.  I'm also counting down the weeks until I can finally set up my sewing machine and start working on some lovely project for our new nest. 

Baking:  One of the joys of my desire to nest has been my increased love to bake for everyone around me.  Lemon pudding, chocolate chip cookies and pear crumble have been my recent offerings for family treats. 

Watching: My evenings have been made that little bit more delightful by catching up on old episodes of River Cottage.  It's such a feast for the senses and inspires me daily to continue our search for our own dream property and to live a most sustainable life.

Reading:  On my bedside table you'll find two of my favourite books I've read in a long time, Little Treasures: Made By Hand by Pia Jane Bijkerk and Wholefood Baking by Jude Blereau.  Both filled with so such gorgeous images and profoundly nurturing words and in their own special ways, filling my soul with love and joy.

Working on: I'm delighted to have a new collection of jewellery fresh from the studio up in the Wilde Asher shop today.  Inspired by eclectic global travels and fruity hues, Gypset Wanderings is our new ongoing festival collection and I'm loving the vibe so much, I'm already dreaming up new pieces to add over the coming months. 

Daydreaming about: Curling up during the winter by the fire, under the stars on the deck of our new nest, early morning walks of the beach and finding delightful new markets and shops to explore (if you live on the Sunshine Coast I'd love to know your favourite spots to visit). 

Inspired by: This month I'm being inspired by change, embracing the moments and learning that there is always a bigger picture.  I'm so grateful for amazing friendships and my incredible family who are bring such support and unconditional love to my world and who inspire me everyday. 

Excited about: A fabulous month of adventures in June.  Starting with the fabulous Vintage Treasure Hunt and Pop Up Shop where I'll be selling some of my much loved vintage wares with some of my favourite Brisbane collectors.  Later in the month, I've got a trip to Sydney planned, to spend the day with some truly amazing women  (more about that soon).  I'm also excited about adorable baby kicks! This super active little bubba already loves doing acrobatics at 5am. 

Looking forward to: After living the last eight months wondering where the road would lead us next, I'm really looking  forward to finally having a place to call our own, to settle down and prepare for our new journey.  With a calendar of full weekends and so many exciting things upon the horizon, it's lovely to stop for a moment, reflect  and be reminded of what is really important and how remarkable life truly is.  

Thank you for sharing in the little moments from my world in May. 
Much Love


  1. Wholefood Baking looks like an amazing book! And it was great to read a little about you. :)

  2. Your weeks and weekends recently and ahead sound much like mine. The calendar is filling up and I wonder if I will have a moment before bubby comes in August. Oh well as long as we're having along the way huh?

    Your pear crumble reminded me of an Anzac pear crumble I created a year or so back and shared on my other blog. I really should share it on MVC.

    Wishing you further moments of joy and beautiful bubby kicks and wonderment.

  3. Sophie, I love the way you capture moments and treasure them. It's a habit I wish to cultivate more in my own life--I am learning slowly.

  4. Your world in May sounds absolutely delightful Sophie. You describe everyday moments with such beauty.

    Mum, Millie and I visited Eumundi last week. I'm sure you have probably been there, but it is one of my favourite spots to visit on the Sunshine Coast. We went to the markets and bought a few treats, popped into Berkelouw Books (which has a cute coffee shop next door) and also stumbled upon a sweet little vintage shop up the walkway next to the hemp shop. I can't wait to hear about your adventures on the Sunshine Coast. Have fun lovely x

  5. Lovely reading about your collections over the past week and the comfort of knowing you will have a little place to call home when your precious baby arrives. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  6. I discover your blog and I love the way you capture the time, by transforming the little moments of everyday life for making small treasures of memories. Thank you for sharing !

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by xx


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