Wednesday, 8 May 2013

May Seven Vignettes..

The fabulous community that is Seven Vignettes, never ceases to amaze me each month.  For seven days, wonderfully talented and inspiring stylists, designers, artists, decorators and all myriad of creative types whip up an incredible feast for the eyes, all in a little square Instagram image.  I just love joining in the vignette fun, meeting such lovely clever folks and learning so much along the way.  This month I challenged myself to simplifying my ideas and think more creatively about the themes.  Here are my May vignettes.. 

 Day 1 - Hanging. Inspired by two of my favourite collections, journals and feathers.

Day 2 - Labels. Inspired by vintage Twinings typography and the art of tea.  

 Day 3 - Timber. Inspired by favourite timber vintage ephemera box. 

Day 4 - Colour. Inspired by childhood memories and rainbow splendour.  

 Day 5 - Porcelain/Ceramic. Inspired by vintage finds and treasured memories.  

Day 6 - Dining. Inspired by heirloom treasures and morning pleasures. 

Day 7 - Travel. Inspired by New York adventures. 

This month I really enjoyed working from a top down angle, using the same wrapping paper from The Dharma Door, for each vignette background.  It was such a great learning experience,  seeing every from a new perspective and the continity really helped me to focus on the beauty of simple, everyday objects. 

Most favourite day.. I'd never really styled food before so I found 'labels' and 'dining' a super fun experience. Most challeging day.. Most certainly 'hanging', as I have no usable walls to hang things from, this was a great think outside the box moment. Thanks as always to the amazing Jen from The Interiors Addict for creating this wonderful challenge each month which has now become a truly inspiring network of fabulous creativity.  

Much Love


  1. These are amazing Sophie. I particularly love labels and colour, they are perfection. I hope you are having a lovely week. Melinda x

  2. I can't believe I hadn't noticed they all had the same background!
    I love the hanging one best
    Great week Sophie

  3. love them soph. all of them! xx

  4. I really enjoyed seeing how you interpreted the themes this month Sophie - sensational vignettes! That background is just perfect and I love how it helps you focus on the objects you've chosen to highlight in each image :)

  5. Love them all, but I'm especially sweet on the rainbow of pencils. I just love the smell of pencils. Is that just a weird me thing?

  6. love, love , love .... color pencils :)


  7. So what a sweet community idea. I love your Labels one best. x

  8. You are so clever I love all of these :)

  9. LOVELY! My favorite is the one with the deer. Although the food looks great, too!

  10. I love your alice in wonderland book, and I have the exact same red love heart sunnies!!! xx


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