Thursday, 16 May 2013

Finding Inspiration..

Inspiration found me today in the form a of wondrous little maple tree down the street.  I had long given up on catching a glimpse of this perfect Autumn splendour which I so dearly missed.  And there it was all this time, just a few houses away, bursting with enchanting golden leaves, with so many stories to tell. 

The little maple whispered to my soul to make a cup of tea and nestle down with my journal... To revel in this fleeting moment just a little longer.  As the old grey clouds engulfed the sky, its calling could no longer be ignored. 

Leaves were gathered, patterns admired, pages torn, tea sipped and quiet moments embraced.

An Autumn recipe here, an inspiring quote there, finished with a map of my birthplace, a little tape and a gentle leaf pressed within the much loved pages.  

 Thank you for the inspiration little maple tree, it was wonderful to make your acquaintance.  Your leaves will be greatly treasured as a reminder of the changing seasons, fleeting moments and precious afternoons. 

Where has inspiration found you of late?
Much Love


  1. Found your Blog through Heart Handmade,I just love your photo style,looking forward to going through your Blog and reading about what you do..Your Journals look great...

  2. Your journals are so full of lovely Sophie- and so inpsiring for others
    I'm off to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow with camera (oh and 24 kinder kids) - I'm hoping for some inspiration there too

  3. such a lovely blog. Your journals are very inspiring. Pleased to meet you! Heather x

  4. This is such a beautiful post. I was imagining you meant a writing journal and upon seeing your most delicious visual journal I am completely inspired.

    Emma xx (

  5. Your images are why Autumn is my most favourite season....and this particular post was just gorgeous, so beautiful.
    Have a lovely weekend x
    I will, you have inspired me to start writing in the many notebooks I collect

  6. You drink in every drop of beauty around you and I adore that! Let's go adventuring :) xx

  7. <3 I love a gorgeous Maple. We have one in our backyard and it's amazing, as well as our Willow and Apple and okay, all of them, heehee. <3 I love your journal and I spy teabag sketches! Which is inspiring TO ME, because I've been dreaming up tea centered doodling. <3 Have a gorgeous weekend!


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