Thursday, 30 May 2013


I've been contemplating change over the past week, as Autumn draws to a close Winter greets us for a new season.  I feel as though I've only captured glimpses of my favourite season this year and yet it already makes way for cooler days, longer nights and mugs of peppermint tea to warm the soul.

I saw this quote by Gabrielle Blair recently and it has remained with me all week, especially as I sifted through a box of my grandmother's embroidered tablecloths and napkins yesterday.  Still vivid with the colour of yesteryear, I unravelled this tea tray cloth to find Autumn leaves mingling with Spring blossoms, a dance of the seasons, a nod to the passing of time.  

Each tiny stitch reflected my word for this year.. Embrace.  While I long to be unpacked and settled in our new nest already and so often daydream about meeting our little bubba in September, I am reminded to be present and truly enjoy the current season of my life.  Those moments of sheer delight and anxious wondering, restless nights, early morning kicks and the euphoric love that resonates in each special book we read and song we listen to as a little family. 

This is my current season and it is pretty wonderful indeed..

Wishing you a beautiful final day of Autumn or the most glorious beginnings of Summer sunshine.
Much Love


  1. oh, lovely post! thanks. yes, sometimes its so hard to just embrace what life throws our way, rather we tend to look back or towards the future with a sense of yearning...thanks for reminding me today to appreciate and be amazed by the present! the right here and now. hope your pregnancy is treating you well!! love your blog! mezz

  2. beautiful. love the quote. I just watched Bright Star this evening (again) and it sent me into a delightfully poetic mind state. I love thinking in poetry!
    wishing you cosy and mindful Autumn pregnant days x

  3. So very beautiful! I am saving this image to enjoy & remind me. I'm in a different season from you - my only child will marry soon & begin a new season with the woman he loves. So I have a new season with my sweetheart of 26 yrs. :o) We've spent a lot of time at our house talking about change, what we're leaving behind but the good things to come as well. Love love this post!

  4. Yes that exactly that honey.
    Enjoy this moment and season right now, it's the biggest lesson and reminder I've been given in the last five years with my life's journeys. Sure I have plans and hopes for the future but when it comes to that wee person growing inside of me I don't rush my thoughts into the future. Just the now the very now and each moment he has to grow to arrive to us safe and sound. I'm trying to cherish it even more so, as this is our last one. August is racing up behind us and I know when this season is over I will miss it and long for it again. But I will embrace each and every single season thereafter with my children and my life and let life continue to unravel in organic fashion.

  5. So true, Sophie. Enjoy the journey, each feathering kick, each pulsing little hiccup, each butterfly-ing somersault. It just goes so quickly. I still remember the anticipation of those restless pregnancy nights, the feeling of being on the cusp of something amazing, waking up to watch the moon. It really is a magical time - enjoy!!

  6. What wonderful words to read as the season changes. Beautiful, Sophie xx


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