Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Domestic Arts & Banana Bread..

Change is most certainly in the air this week.  An extra blanket on the bed, a warm pair of socks in the evening, packing up our bits and pieces and making the most of what's at hand. As Ben walked in the door this afternoon carrying the most lovely second hand change table he had discovered today, I was overwhelmed with joy and realised more than ever before just how much was changing in our little world. As we count down the weeks until we move, I'm finding a quiet calm in simple pleasures, unearthing beautiful family treasures and rainy afternoon baking.

Today I flipped through my grandmother's Domestic Arts School book from 1938.  From the general rules of ironing and washing silk stockings to comparing stewing and roasting methods and cooking tests, it was all there, lovingly written in beautiful cursive script, each page with a perfect red margin.  Inspired by its meticulous contents, well worn pages and dog eared recipes, my thoughts turned to a few frozen bananas waiting to be made into something delightful for afternoon tea.   

 Banana Bread (adapted from this recipe)
3 ripe bananas, mashed
1/3 cup of butter, softened
3/4 cup of brown sugar
1 egg, beaten
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 1/2 cups of organic flour
A pinch of salt
A good sprinkle of cinnamon

Add bananas and butter to a mixing bowl and combine using your favourite wooden spoon.  Then mix in sugar, egg and vanilla.  Add in baking powder, salt and cinnamon and finally mix in flour.  
Stir ingredients with love and pour into a lined loaf tin.  Bake for 35 - 40 mins in a 180°C oven. Best served warm with a little butter and a cup of your favourite tea. 

There is something remarkably comforting about baking for those you love, especially when you find your life once again packed up in boxes, patiently awaiting a new adventure.  

What have you been baking lately? 
Much Love


  1. Oh what a beautiful treasure to have! Such gorgeous writing and wonderful sentiments. And yay to a change table! Hope you saved some banana bread for tonight with a milky tea x

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful treasure. Feeling rather inspired to make banana bread now (:

  3. I have several handwritten books from my husband's grandmother, and one from his mother, that I intend to use to test recipes and maybe make a selection of them available online. It is gorgeous reading the handwriting and reading the little newspaper clippings that are tucked away in them.

  4. I've been busy baking a baby.
    But more seriously I haven't baked since last week when I did quick and easy lemonade scones.
    Pumpkin scones are high in the agenda this week or even pumpkin biscotti I've been meaning to try as I have two pumpkins that need to be used up.

  5. Enamored with this lovely treasure of a book you have from your grandmother. Lovely photography too, makes me want to baked!

  6. Lovely as always Sophie. I am feeling so happy for you at this special time in your life. I know exactly what you mean about the comfort of cooking when life is just a little unsettled or change is in the air.

    Since the weather has started to cool off I just cannot stop baking...quince cake, orange cake, banana and date loaf, zucchini and walnut cake and endless variations of bread. I. must. stop. baking x

  7. it shall be banana bread for morning tea tomorrow I think.

  8. What a treasure your grandmother's Domestic Arts School book is! I'd love to see more of it if you decide to share. :)

    I love banana bread too! I recently baked a batch of my favourite earl grey tea cupcakes but I think banana bread might be next on the list. So perfect for winter!

  9. Lovely book! I have my Nana's sewing machine, it's wonderful to keep the past alive.

  10. What a wonderful book to have! I've got a couple of hand written recipes from both my grandmothers and I treasure them a lot.
    As for the banana bread, you can never go wrong, could anyone possibly not like it??

  11. One can never have too much banana bread. In fact....I want some RIGHT NOW! Love handwritten recipes...I don't have many come to think of it. Maybe I should start writing down my favourites so I can pass them on to my smalls one day.

  12. Love the old cookbook and it reminds me of my mothers' spirex hand written recipe book...even now she doesn't like her handwriting but I love it and it's all so personal. The Banana Bread looks very tasty..... Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  13. Oh as soon as I saw the recipe book my wee heart sang......what a treasure. It has fallen into the most precious of hands....the bread looks yummy.
    love V

  14. How wonderful to have your grandma's old domestic arts book! This looks delicious & beautifully photographed- I feel like I can almost smell it. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a baker myself but I do enjoy eating :)

  15. The change table is really an interesting reminder of the changing of your lives as you set off on another journey.

  16. lovely tablecloth


  17. Oh Sophie, what a wonderful treasure - I'd dearly love to find my own Grandmother's recipe book but somehow it was lost - I feel so sad when I think of the loss really, a hundred little ways she'd say 'I love you' in cake/biscuit form now somewhere unknown. I'm so glad you have yours :-)

    Jem xXx

  18. Old baking books and handwritten recipes are my absolute weakness! Gosh! I have lots...collected over the past 18 years. They are such incredible time capsules. This recipe looks wonderful! And such beautiful photos! :)

    Love from the NJ Shore!
    xo Jenny

  19. That notebook looks amazing! What a treasure!

  20. This looks yummy, I can't wait to try this.
    Now following.
    Little Blonde Life

  21. What beautiful handwriting your Grandmother had - I wish I could write like that! Wouldn't it be great if people still wrote like this everyday?

  22. omgoodness your grandmothers book is a treasure!!!! her handwriting is beautiful too so neat and poised perfectly between the lines.

  23. This recipe looks absolutely delicious dear Sophie! I'll try it this weekend for sure!
    Thanks for sharing these moments with us and I'm looking forward to see the next changes in your little world, that I find so full of love and beauty...

  24. Such a beautiful thing to have!


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