Thursday, 9 May 2013

Crafty Project - Mother's Day Bouquet..

Mother's Day is such a special time of year and the perfect opportunity to create sweet handmade gifts for the beautiful women in your life.  It goes without saying that flowers make every Mother's Day extra special and there are so many lovely ways to create the perfect bunch.  A delightful alternative to fresh flowers is this simple bouquet of pom pom flowers, made with love and wonderfully long lasting.  Make a few, or a bunch, add a few sprigs from the garden are you are sure to make your mum's day! 

You'll Need: About ten sheets of large tissue paper in the colour of your choice (double these over to create twenty sheets and cut into five 12cm rectangles. You'll also need five wire stems (available from craft shops), a pair of scissors, string and a tag. 

To Make It: 
1. Create a little concertina with one lot of tissue paper and wrap the wire stem around the middle. twisting once to secure. Twist the ends together to create a lovely stem. 
2. Cut a rounded shape at each end of the tissue paper. 
3. Starting at the top, carefully fluff each layer of paper to create the petals.  
4. Play around, tease and scrunch to make your flower look lovely and full.  Repeat this process to create five delightful flowers.  Each will look slightly different which is the beauty of this handmade bouquet. 

I finished my bouquet with some sprigs of rosemary, which not only add a lovely pop of green but smell wonderful too.  Tie with a piece of string, add a note and you have a very special bunch of handmade flowers.  

 Another lovely and eco friendly way to gift your newly made bouquet is in a recycled jar.  Just add a few twigs from the garden and a length of string or ribbon.  You could even tie a piece of fabric, burlap or lace around the base of the jar to add a little more texture.  So many possibilities and the end result, a wonderfully simple and beautiful mother's day present. 

Much Love


  1. oh my goodness i love these.. x

  2. This is gorgeous, I want to try it straight away!


  3. Oh we so need some of these adorning our wee nest! Thanks for sharing lovely x

  4. Beautiful Sophie. That last image is stunning. Have a gorgeous weekend and have a very happy mothers day as a soon-to-be-mumma! Melinda x

  5. Happy Mothers Day. I am definitely going to give these a try this week as something to pop in my "Blossoms" vintage redecorated nursery. Will post pics @Him, Her & a Blossom



  6. I actually added your blog to my favorites and will look forward for more updates. Great Job, Keep it up. challenge coins.

  7. That is amazing, such a beautiful result from simple materials.


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