Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Home for Nesting..

 Isn't it funny how things always seem to work out just as they should.  Even if you lay awake at night, trying to plan for every different scenario you can think of.. life has a wonderful way of making things happen, just when you are all out of ideas.  Our dream this year was to find ourselves a property to call our own, complete with little cottage and space for a yurt or two. A home for our family and our future.  We have realised as the months progressed and with our little adventurer on the way, that we needed a few stepping stones to reach this dream of ours, so the search began for a little in between nest.

As fate would have it, in one of those right place, right time moments, it seems an in between nest was waiting for us and not at all where we were looking.  In a lovely and fortuitous sea change, we'll be feathering a nest on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, just a few minutes from the ocean.  I missed the ocean so much when I lived in Mildura, the thought of being able to walk the beach each day is beyond exciting. 

 And so the nesting begins.       

We spent Saturday rummaging through the contents of our home, (which is currently stacked to the ceiling of a storage shed), deciding what we loved, what we needed and what could find new homes. I've already begun dreaming up ideas for the nursery and have gathered all my collected bits and pieces and a few gorgeous gifts (including this sweet elephant my sister found in Koh Samui and lovely blanket from my mum) together ready for bubba's new room.   

While my mind is filled with tiny details (will this piece of furniture fit, perhaps I'll need lighter curtains in the bedroom, I wonder how far it is to the closest supermarket) I am truly reminded of my Cancerian ways and my love for creating a special space, a home, no matter what form it takes.  

I gather my favourite books from my childhood, along with some delightful new stories and daydream of evenings reading aloud, my little family and I.  This is home to me, and to find a little place to make this possible, is just wonderful.     

And while I sort the boxes of my life, from treasured collections and unusual thrift finds to unfiled paperwork and a myriad of ephemera, I begin to wonder how to fit my new world into my old life.  It feel like a lifetime since I saw the contents of those boxes and everything within me and around me has changed since.  Deciding what to take and what to leave behind has become so much more than a few trips to the refuse centre.

 As I was pondering my thoughts on nesting over breakfast yesterday morning, a parcel arrived  with the most perfect timing.  Wrapped with brown paper and sealed with a dried flower, this delicate package could only be from one beautiful soul, the gorgeous Pia Jane Bijkerk.  And as I nestled down with a cup of tea and feasted upon the pages of Little Treasures, all my unnecessary thoughts, were washed away and I was filled with sheer joy and excitement as I dreamed of the little treasures I'd been sharing with my own bundle of joy in September.  My first gift is this little bowl, created by the talented Kylie at Paper Boat Press, featuring one of Pia's divine quotes, which will find a special place in the nursery and remind us of all the adventures we have waiting for us, just around the corner. 

I'd love to hear about your nesting stories.  Are you a nester, a homebody? Perhaps a free spirit who can find a home a wherever the wind takes you (reminds me of the book, Chocolat).  How do you make your house feel like home?

Much Love

A few more of my thoughts on Home and our current nest. 


  1. How wonderful that you've found a wee nest to feather! You will fill it with such warmth lovely soul. Our home is always adorned with wisps of nature and things we've created. I can look around every corner of our home and see that our hands have crafted something no matter how small in every space. I adore that. Hope your week is beautiful :) xx

  2. That is great news! I remember being quite sentimental about the first few places we lived in but after a few moves I've come to realise home is where you make it. The Chocolat analogy is so true - what a beautiful story that is. It has always taken me a while to make each new place feel homely but I think the secret is having just what you need for that place and therefore parting with a lot of stuff which is often difficult. Establishing a garden always makes me feel at home - especially when you can pick things to use in the kitchen. I'm sure you'll feel at home in no time with all the lovely vintage bits and pieces you have - looking forward to following your adventure!

  3. I was a free spirit, determined that our next home was going to be an RV. I would homeschool on the road (what better way to learn?!) as my husband picked up work at every stop. We would stay at each location for as long as we wanted and move along to the next place...

    Then while driving, we found the perfect little home that begged us to make it ours. We bought it all with our RV money, have begun remodeling and I have fallen in love. I want to keep doing little jobs here and I am planting a garden and have decided to homeschool our 3 Littles!!

    The RV will be our next big purchase...time to start saving!

  4. How wonderful. I'm so happy for you. And envious of living so near the beach! I want my next home to be near the beach.

  5. I love this quote:

    "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

    I'm a packrat by nature, but I would so much rather surround myself with things that make me happy with their loveliness than things I think I might get around to needing or using someday. It looks like you've got quite the collection of beautiful things! I especially love the books and the elephant :)

  6. i'm starting to nest - given i have less than 3 months till my baby is born. I"m really excited to create a gorgeous bedroom/nursery with treasures i've collected.

    You'll love it on the sunny coast. I moved here just before christmas and have finally settled in - and just love it!

  7. I adored this post. I adore your writing.


  8. How exciting Sophie, such a beautiful spot to live too. For me, home is about colour and my kids, it's a bonus if it's clean too! mel x

  9. I love to travel, to go to places I have never seen. To taste, and smell the unknown. But then I again drawn back to my home. A place of comfort and sanctuary.


  10. I do love when destiny has a hand in helping us find our place in this world! Congratulations on finding your nest to feather...it seems perfect timing! And to be near the sea...bliss. I'm a Cancerian too, so can relate to the homebody, nurturing, nesting, and making a house and home with memories and precious collections. Enjoy Sophie x

  11. I'm definitely a homebody, I love nothing more than a day of pottering about the house. I make our house feel like home by filling it with things we love and cherish. I'm so happy you have found a nesting place. I can't wait to share in the adventure! Happy nesting. Melinda x

  12. so excited and happy for you. i love the sunny coast and i know you will love her. can't wait to see pics of your new nest. you deserve nothing but the most beautiful. sending my johnson love from holland. xxx

  13. ps, only yesterday was i thinking about my treasure stored away back in aus. i miss pieces as they are pieces of me, of my life. i am having so much fun nesting here with the boy and creating a newly designed life that fits the both of us. still think about my johnson collection though. but life is too short to dwell on those little things, love and beautiful company are far more enriching. xx

  14. I just recently moved to the Sunny Coast as well! Life feels so different up here I just love it. My bambinos are due in September, maybe I'll see you around!

  15. nesting is such a precious time....enjoy it! xx


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