Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What are you Making?

Right now I'm in between crochet projects.  I've got half finished projects and the beginnings of others, none of which I'm totally into at the moment.  I've got little stashes of yarn all over the place from previous projects, granny squares longing for friends and a lovely fresh pair of knitting needles to try out too.  I've got a book of lovely retro patterns on my bedside table, so many ideas (especially for baby blankets) but I just can't quite find the 'right' pattern or the perfect rainbow hues to play with.  So right now, this is what my project bag looks like.  I think I might make an Autumn beret or two and perhaps a few pom poms, while I wait for baby blanket inspiration to strike.  

And I'd LOVE to know, what are you making at the moment? What's on your hook, needles, sewing table, dining table, living room floor? Where are your creative adventures taking you?

Much Love


  1. I feel like part of me is missing. My machine is in getting serviced and will be gone for two weeks atleast. What to do? Maybe I'll join you in a spot of pom pom making! Happy crocheting. Melinda x

  2. I have 3 crochet blankets on the go at the moment, but my favourite of the moment is my daisy blanket there is a picture of it so far on my instagram feed @madebymim.I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to do next, Happy crocheting, xx

  3. I'm between so many projects at the moment that i'm banning myself from starting anything new until I finish them. Really trying to finish off a cross stitch (of sheep wearing various jumpers) and well, I keep meaning to finish off a granny square crocheted pillow case but it seems to be taking me forever. Happy crafting!

  4. Right now I'm trying to finish a kitchen stool. I've painted it & am ready to stencil the seat.

    It's been so long since I've done any needlework at all - I really want to find some motivation to get back to it.

  5. Today I "made" two votives and I they are so cute that I think I'm going to make a thousand and put them ALL OVER THE PLACE!


    But they really are lovely, and I'm definitely going to make more than two. It's amazing what glass jars and washi tape can do. :)

    Oh, and I really wish I could sew. I love crochet. :)

  6. I crocheted a baby blanket for my nephew years ago. I began when my sister-in-law found she was expecting, but the blanket wasn't completed until my nephew was six months old! It is now his favorite play blanket :-) You will probably be much faster than I was haha.

    Check out my author blog ShimmerCastDreams

  7. I've been wanting to make tons of things but haven't had time to yet. My semester is almost over so hopefully I will have time to make things. I've been working with dpns so I'm looking for more patterns that require them. XD

  8. right now im working on a mini granny square scarf for my miss 2 yr old, dresses for me using vintage sheets and a new curtain for our room...using sum vintage fabric of course!oh, and always making a mess!

  9. This is what I am playing around with at the moment...

    I have some place mats to design and embroider next :D

    Kirst x

  10. I've just used fabric samples to cover a thrifted vintage armchair and can happily report SUCCESS! It's the biggest sewing project I've taken on and I am soooooo pleased.
    I still need to sand the chair down, so I've only pinned on the bottom cover. I also need to use it for a template for the other chairs - am hoping I can do another one or two...

  11. I've just finished a cricket vest for my boyfriend. I have to weave in the seams and then I'm done!


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