Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tend Your Days..

After my ponderings about Romancing the Everyday last week, I was delighted to stumble across this lovely quote yesterday.  It light a spark within me and really confirmed my thoughts about finding those magical moments in the everyday.  

As I listened to the rain clatter upon the roof early this morning, wide awake far too early, with a million thoughts racing through my head (oh pregnancy insomnia, you are all kinds of fun), I recalled this quote and gently reminded myself to breathe deeply, take a moment and simply enjoy the rain's magical song. And you know what, it made the world of difference. 

Wishing you a magical Tuesday..
Much Love


  1. Lovely quote. Happy Tuesday to you too! :)


  2. what a beautiful thought. You get so much more enjoyment out of life if you look for the good instead of the annoying.People may even end up surprised that the annoying is actually really good. I did. Cherrie

  3. Beautiful quote. Rain on the roof is one of the nicest sounds, even if it is too early in the morning. Rest well lovely mama to be! Melinda x

  4. So beautifully true.
    Pregnancy insomnia, have been down that path, don't fight it and be kind to yourself.

  5. Beautiful. Needed to hear. Thank you x

  6. Lovely quote, I could listen to the rain on my roof all day, it's so soothing :)

  7. That's a lovely quote. Hope you have a magical Tuesday too.

  8. Rain really is magical, isn't it? Thank you for sharing this quote...I needed that today :)


  9. Oh how I wish to hear rain on the roof... I had early morning pregnancy insomnia too, in the end I took to getting up for an hour or two then climbing back into bed for a cuddle when my husband woke up. It was quite lovely. Enjoy!


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