Friday, 26 April 2013

Secondhand Maternity Style - 18 Weeks

Dress: Thrifted Cardigan: Thrifted
Tights & Shoes: Target (a few years ago) Belt: Kmart
Brooch: Vintage

Last Sunday Ben and I took a slow adventure to Mount Mee, pottering through Dayboro and up the mountain into the crisp Autumn air for a sweet little picnic under the eucalypts. There is just something a magical about Sunday picnics and we spent the afternoon reminiscing about our childhood adventures and looking to the future and our new adventures with our sweet bubba.   The weather called for long tights and my favourite thrifted cardigan, its cotton sleeves just perfect for this lovely Autumn adventure. As the days become cooler and the nights a little longer, there's been a beautiful change in the air and lively conversations, new ideas and exciting future plans leave us filled with joy and inspiration for the weeks ahead.  

And now as Friday greets us again, with a beautiful full moon, I'm looking forward to this weekend's adventures, a potter around the Powerhouse markets and the Botanic Gardens and a trip north to the Sunshine Coast for our slow Sunday adventure. 

What are your plans this weekend?

Wishing you a most delightful Friday!
Much Love


  1. You look lovely Sophie. I am loving your blog, all over again but have been a bit slack on my comments lately. Have a beautiful weekend! x

  2. Gorgeous outfit and gorgeous photos...and I just LOVE that Cardi! Autumn has been giving me beautiful thoughts of late too, It's been really lovely...imagining I'm under those eucalypts right now. xx

  3. Hi Sophie,
    You look just radiant! Have been following your blog for a while now and it is so inspiring!
    This weekend everyone in the Netherlands is preparing for coronation day next Tuesday (a king again since over 120 years!). And spring has finally arrived in our cold little country so probably lots of tea drinking in the garden...
    Enjoy and love

  4. Love the colour of your pretty cardigan. Looks lovely and warm.

  5. Congrats on your wonderful news Sophie, you do look like you are glowing in these pics. Enjoy every minute of the next few months and beyond. mel x

  6. You look stunning Sophie, as you always do! We went for a drive to mt mee last Saturday. Blake would love to live up there! Happy weekend. Melinda x

  7. You look lovely!

    This weekend entails baseball practices, dropping the boys for a night at grandma and grandpa's, a date night, sleeping in, church, a run, and picking the boys back up. Sounds just lovely.


  8. I adore your blog and I am over the moon about Bubba!I find so much inspiration from your blog and love to read it in the early hours of the morning. You look so wonderful and deliriously happy! Yay You!

  9. Looking lovely Sophie - gorgeous outfit! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! xx

  10. the dress was a great find!


  11. gorgeous outfit! and you look so radiant wearing it!! xx


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