Friday, 19 April 2013

Secondhand Maternity Style - 17 Weeks

Shirt & Umbrella: Cotton On (2012) Dress: Thrifted
Tights: Kmart Boots: Vintage Necklace: Wilde Asher (coming soon)

We took these photos last Saturday in a rather impromptu 'let's dance in the rain' moment on the way home from a rainy morning pottering in West End.  By chance we stumbled upon a lovely big field, filled with cockatoos, also making the most of their rainy Saturday.  I've been having fun reworking my wardrobe to accommodate my rapidly growing bump and I'm really happy to see some cooler weather, which means I can rework some of my summer dresses and finally wear my favourite vintage boots.  I'm still enjoying my secondhand challenge and am also looking forward to upcycling a few pieces from my wardrobe to see me through the next few months.  The necklace I'm wearing is a harmony ball and it makes the most beautiful soft little chime that bubba should enjoying hearing soon too.  I love the idea behind them so much, I'm really looking forward putting some together for our shop soon too. 

Oh and speaking of reworking my wardrobe, I'm in the midst of Autumn/maternity wardrobe organising and I thought it might be the perfect time to do a little 'shop my wardrobe' on Instagram.   Pop over to 'Her Wardrobe Adventures' (sounds like an adventure to Narnia) if you'd like to check out vintage, retro inspired, pre-loved clothing and retro wares (vintage aprons, sheets and other goodies) from my wardrobe. I'll be adding lots more over the next few days. 

Happiest of Fridays to you!
Much Love


  1. A maternity style icon already! Happy weekend Sophie x melinda

  2. So lovely Sophie. I'm having loads of fun to with all my vintage and thrifted pieces. I've certainly been coming up with some interesting ways of wearing pieces despite my bump.

  3. Happy friday! Cute pictures! :)

  4. Looking lovely! I am 16 weeks pregnant and need to go clothes shopping ASAP! x

  5. This is so cute! I love the floral and combat boot thing!

  6. Lovely outfit Sophie! Looking gorgeous :)

  7. I think you look fabulous :) congratulations with your pregnancy, so nice to have found your blog, Catherine x

  8. you look so amazing! I love that dress and how it fits your baby bump so perfectly! Congrats to you and your hubby!



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