Sunday, 14 April 2013

Everyday Moments..

One of my favourite corners
Afternoon wanderings, capturing special moments
Currently reading..
Passionfruit in bloom
Those eyes have so many stories to tell
Sunday veggie gardening.. the perfect way to spend a beautiful Autumn day

Much Love

PS. Find out a little bit about Jack's story here

Joining the fun and inspiring images at The Shack hosted by the gorgeous Em.


  1. Jack is so cute! I love the look of your veg garden too! Great photos Sophie xx

  2. Your pictures always blow me away! <3

  3. I love that corner! The bulletin board, the colors--perfect.

    Aw, thanks for the link to Jack's little story! We have a chihuahua mix who is also named Jack and is also a rescue. He's our little love.

  4. I love your notice board, so colourful and characterful :) Would love one of these in my flat to and a personal touch!


  5. Lovely photos. Great that you gave Jack a new home! So many dogs that need a second chance in this world. :)

  6. Love how you always surround yourself with so much beauty Sophie!

  7. Love those shoes are adorable!

    An also my currently reading pile too! :)

  8. Those flying ducks and the pin board! So wonderful!!
    Thanks for your comment on my post about the Beetleshacks! I'm looking forward to following your journey here. Lauren xx

  9. Oh Sophie, such wonderfulness in your week! I love the little veg patch, and your yellow shoes are divine! Have a blissful week lovely lady x


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