Thursday, 11 April 2013

April Journal Pages..

I know it must be time to get the glue and scissors out and open the pages of my inspiration journal, when all my favourite magazine pages are torn out and waiting patiently, almost overflowing from between the covers.  I like to let them accumulate a little, to find images that come together and tell visual stories of my daydreams.  This afternoon seemed like the perfect opportunity and a lovely wind down after a day of fiddling with photoshop and html coding over on our Wilde Asher blog.  Here are a few of my April pages ..

From Little Things.. Inspired by garden dreams and afternoons in the sun

Home.. Inspired by found treasures and thoughts of finding our perfect home.

She's a Keeper.. Inspired by travels, patterns and everyday beauty. (Gorgeous illustration from Frankie magazine by  Helena Randall)

My favourite little details..

I'd love to know what you've been creating lately too!

Much Love

PS. Thank you so much for your gorgeous comments on my creativity post yesterday, it fills me with such joy and inspires me to continue on my own creative journey.

Check out more of my inspiration journal pages here


  1. What a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. Happy creating x

  2. I a not normally brave enough to rip pages out of magazines but after seeing your scrapbooks I'm tempted to get tearing. I am thinking now that keeping the pages that I absolutely love will mean that I look at them more :)
    Thanks for continuing to inspire me.

  3. Squeeee! I love this journal! :) I don't read magazines... couldn't justify buying them :( Do you manage to get any second hand or have any tips on accumulating them cheap?! :)

    1. PS. Your 'creativity post' link above goes to this post, not the one I think you meant for it too! xxx

    2. Thanks lovely lady! I must have been a bit tired when writing this post :) I am really picky about which magazines I buy and only get ones that I know I will treasure, adore and will use most pages in my journals. These usually come out every 2 months (Frankie and Inside Out), or in the case of Peppermint, four times a year, so it's a bit easier on the budget. Also I always look around while thrifting for magazine stashes and my lovely mum is great at sharing hers too. I find magazines these days one of my most inspiring resources, so I put a little aside for them each month. :)

  4. I keep meaning to do this. Your pages are so lovely, it inspires me to get going!


  5. Oh I love this, journaling is such fun :)


  6. I do love journaling! It's always super inspiring to see others journaling and taking a peek inside their heartfelt pages. I always look forward to posts like these!

    Modern Buttercup

  7. New to your blog. I love the journal pages! :) I have a binder of ripped out pages of magazines. I didn't think about cutting up a smaller portion of the page that I'm really interested in. I'm glad I stopped by.:)

  8. So pretty I love how you style your photos you're so very talented. I wish I had found your lovely blog space before now :)
    My inspirational files are a lever arch file with torn out magazine papers hole punched and put in there, not as pretty as yours but they still give me inspiration!

  9. I have been going through my old Frankie and Country Style magazines today and ripping out the pictures and pages that speak to me. At high school and Uni I always had an inspiration journal and I would collect leaves, feathers, tickets and cuttings to carefully paste in. It's a creative act in itself and it inspires more creativity and encourages you to look twice at images and mementos, or ask yourself what draws you to something in particular. It made me smile to see that I have pulled out some of the same images as you. :)

  10. Ive started a journal too!! cant wait to get messy and creative!

  11. I always leave so inspired after seeing a blog post of your journal pages. Thanks for sharing them, Sophie.


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