Thursday, 14 March 2013

Treasure Hunting..

Having a collector's soul means I just adore a good treasure hunt.. Give me a thrift store, a car boot sale, a refuse centre and I'll be happy for hours.  I can spot a piece of Pyrex or Staffordshire pottery from a mile away, but on today's adventures, we were searching for treasures that were not as easy to see.  Today was all about finding statement pieces for future Wilde Asher jewellery collections. So I had to forgo staring longingly at the retro kitchenware and focus my bowerbird instincts on treasures found in the most unlikely of places.   

Old belt buckles, spools, keys and brooches are some of our favourites to work with and we were lucky to find some really interesting pieces today.  It's such a magical process and one that I'm very much an apprentice in, taking a fascinating old object and creating it into some beautiful and wearable. 

I'm just adoring dreaming up ideas and learning a whole new set of skills in the art of jewellery design and creation.  Everything is so detailed, each component so vital to achieving the overall aesthetic and I'm very blessed that my mum is such a patient and inspiring mentor.  

My favourite find today was this antique copper Egyptian style belt buckle, it's such a beautifully detailed piece and it's already cast it's magic upon us, setting in motion an exciting travel inspired collection. 

What I love most about treasure hunting is you just never know what you might come across, amongst a bag of old buttons, or a box of vintage curtain rods.  You really do have to search for clues and delve into the unknown.  A perfect way to spend a day if you ask a pirate loving, vintage map admiring girl like myself.

What are you treasure hunting for at the moment?
Much Love

PS. You can check out a sneak peek into our winter collection 'Tales of the Sea' over here


  1. We want to move in a few months, so we're trying to save money and scale down on our belongings. But I'd love to find a nice bookend for our recipe books.

  2. They are some very interesting pieces - you always manage to find amazing things! Can't wait to see what you create with these.

  3. Wonderful! I felt that way recently when sorting out my vintage button collection. Somehow marbles, tacks, buckles, screws and all sorts end up in peoples button tins. I had quite an odd and interesting pile by the time I was done. Nothing as wonderful as that copper buckle though! :)

  4. Holy Egypt! I saw that immediately and my traveler's soul yearned for it to dangle round my neck on a waltz through a Cambodian temple, a hike in the Alps, a beach day in Hawaii, it is gorgeous! I'm treasure troving the internet for interesting places for us to stay on our back pack thru Euro trip coming up next month;) I plan on collecting lots of memories!

  5. I love all your recent finds!

    I'm hunting for Dr Seuss books to use on my scrapbook pages. I cannot find actual papers so if I can find books in op shops (that we already have) then I may be able to finally start my son's album :)

  6. i'm searching for a cane peacock chair - i know it's very unlikely i'll find one considering they are selling like diamonds on ebay. Oh, and now, vintage boys clothes - just found out yesterday there is a little boy growing inside me

  7. These are all so lovely! Jewelry making is such a fun process, and I love looking through yard sales and flea markets as well, trying to find treasures. Your blog is gorgeous too! Now following for sure. :)

    xx, Elizabeth

  8. great finds!



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