Friday, 8 March 2013

March Seven Vignettes..

With February disappearing before my eyes so quickly, I was back dreaming up vignettes for March before I knew it.  When the fabulous Jen announced the list of themes, I knew it was going a week for creative thinking. This week I've been so inspired by the amazing vignettes everyone has been creating, there is just so much to learn and I love being able to practise my styling amongst such a wonderful and encouraging group.   

Here are my March Vignettes.. as always with a little tale to tell. 

Day 1 - White. Inspired by sweet family treasures

Day 2 - Circles. Inspired by my grandmother's 1960s kitchen

Day 3 -Paper. Inspired by the short story, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Day 4 - My colour palette. Inspired by a trip to the makets

Day 5 - Bathroom. Inspired by my favourite perfume

Day 6 - Geometric. Inspired by bits and pieces from my desk

Day 7 - Upcycle.  Inspired by my vintage Peugeot (an amazing Valentine's gift).  She's currently awaiting a makeover and makes a lovely stand for my favourite tea herbs. (Also I couldn't resist the pun.. Blame the English teacher in me) 

My favourite day.. I really enjoyed creating my colour palette, especially after a fortuitous trip to the James Street Market. Most challenging day.. I didn't really have one this month, however what I did find challenging was the weather and lack of sunshine. But I suppose that's all part of the fun.  Thanks so much to Jen from The Interiors Addict for another fabulous month of vignette fun.  Can't wait to see what next month brings!

Happy Friday! 
Much Love 

PS. Pop over here to check out my vignettes from the past two months


  1. Lovely! I adore the circles one, as well as the white one. Something about all that white is very charming

  2. Inspiring how you use color and texture together.

  3. All white...who can resist it! These are so lovely and well-thought out, you have a definite knack :) Also, your herbs look so healthy! I am all jealousy.

    1. Awww thanks so much Jess! I'm a bit lucky with my herbs at the moment, they seem to be enjoying the weather. x

  4. Narciso Rodriguez is my favourite perfume too!


  5. Your vignettes were just lovely, Sophie! Well done :)

  6. Lovely lovely images! I must take part in this challenge next month. I did the #fmsphotoaday challenge which was great fun :-)


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