Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Journalling for the Soul..

Right now, I'm feeling more connected to the written word then I have in many years.  After yearning to rediscover my voice, I've been on an incredible journey of letting go and pushing past the fears I had of seeing my life written upon the page.  Now once again, I feel I can embrace my words and explore journalling in a whole new way.

  For me journal writing is all at once a wonderful escape and a beautiful reality, where I love to spend some precious time.  My journal is where I set positive intentions and capture my inner thoughts and soul wanderings.  It is also where I dream and those visions are as boundless as the sea.  So as we begin a beautiful new season, I thought I might share some of my tips and ideas after years of teaching creative writing, that I still often remind myself, about journalling for the soul.  

Have your journal supplies ready..
You never know when inspiration might strike, so be sure to have your supplies ready.  This will ensure you can capture that beautiful fleeting creative moment. This little stash will differ depending on the type of journalling you enjoy.  My set up is pretty simple. I love to create collages on my pages of beautiful images, words and ephemera that inspires, so I always keep some handy in the back of my journal (in an envelope).  Then all I need is glue, scissors and my favourite pen and I'm ready.  I also leave pages blank so if I'm not feeling creative, I can simply fill a page with musings.  

Celebrate your journalling time..
Always remember that personal writing is a celebration, not a chore.  You shouldn't feel obligated to write or worry because you haven't written for a day or even a month.  Remember there are no rules and no one is giving your journal a gold star.  If you can, make a little time each day to write a little, but if life gets too hectic, don't worry, just celebrate the time you have and make it precious! Enjoy your favourite beverage, light a candle, or journal in the bath (see Stealing Beauty for inspiration), whenever your soul yearns for you to pick up a pen and take a journey.

Be kind to your journal..
Yes, I know that might sound a little silly, but just hear me out.  I believe that your journal is an extension of you, like everything you create, so be kind to it. Make it feel like home, welcoming, inviting, a place your just can't wait to get back too.  I find creating little corners of inspiration really helps me to make my journal feel like a place I want to be, perhaps a like hanging artwork on the walls of my home.  Add personal photos, drawings, ephemera from your travels, your children's artwork, whatever inspires you to want to open that cover and dive in.    

Trust your intuition..
Writing can be daunting and at times even scary and that's what I feel makes it a truly incredible form of self expression.  It's important to trust your intuition, because once you begin you never know where your words may take you.  Perhaps to somewhere beautiful, or to a distant memory  that you were not ready to revisit.  From my own experiences, I've learnt that some of those moments are the most powerful for self healing and understanding, so trust in your soul and the transforming journey you are embarking on. 

Embrace your words..
Whatever you find tumbles onto your page, embrace your words, for they are some of your most intimate thoughts (and of course a whole lot of rambling thrown in for good measure).  Try to write a whole page without reading back over it or analysing what you are trying to say.  Just let the words flow, even if it doesn't seem to be making any sense.  Read back over it a few days later or even a month and I promise you will find something remarkable within your musings.  Allowing yourself to find or rediscover your writer's voice, can be a beautiful and powerful gift.  

I hope some of these tips and ideas have resonated with the writer inside you, perhaps to begin a new journal, or find one that's been spending too be days alone on the bookshelf.  

Enjoy your writing journey.
Much Love

PS. Pop over here to find a few more of my journal writing tips. 


  1. Lovely post! I have never written in a journal, but I might start one someday. :)

  2. Such an inspiring post <3 I find it great fun gluing cut outs from magazines between those texts x
    I started a new journal recently -

  3. Before having children I was a compulsive journal keeper. My old journals are like shed skins of a past self. Now it is easy to leave it to later, to a time that never comes. Your lovely post is a reminder to make the time to put pen to page more often. I think it's been a month since I wrote in my journal. My old self would have been shocked! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. thanks for this post. i love journaling, and often find that what i journal turns into songs, or a creative idea...ur journal looks very cared for...mine's not quite so lovely.

    mezz x

  5. I'm bookmarking this! I always need an extra little push to get myself to write because I feel like I have to put something monumental down. Thanks for the tips Sophie!

  6. I use to write in a journal so much as a teenager, it was a great reread a couple of years later.

  7. Really inspirational ! Thanks!

  8. GORGEOUS POST!!! I am planning on starting a journal of my own. I actually have one, but I can never seem to keep a journal for just writing/creativity. My to-do lists, grocery lists, etc. always, always, always get mixed in!

  9. What a beautiful post!

    I just began a creative/art journal of my own--and your instagram feed was definitely part of the inspiration and motivation, and I've looked at your journaling tips a dozen times by now. I used to keep a diary, but it doesn't suit my life--it hasn't for years. Those things I used to record in a diary seem to get catalogued elsewhere now. But I missed documenting the creative process and journaling has definitely reawakened my voice! It does wonders for my soul.

  10. Great advice! I haven't kept a diary since I was at University, aeons ago, but may well have a try at journalling.

  11. It's been years since I've written a journal - I stopped after a particularly horrible relationship breakup a few years ago and just never got back into it. Perhaps it's time to start again?

  12. What a lovely post... I keep a diary, but it is clear to me it is not the same thing as a journal. In this age of twitter and blogs, I sometimes long for the tactile joy of paper. I think that's why I love scrapbooking so much!

  13. Great post! I love my journals

  14. "Read back over it a few days later or even a month and I promise you will find something remarkable within your musings. Allowing yourself to find or rediscover your writer's voice, can be a beautiful and powerful gift." You're so right. I don't normally remember to go back and read, but sometimes when I'm putting a just finished journal on the shelf I skim through some old ones and discover other meanings in my words, remember moments I had forgotten and refresh my memory about some pieces of myself. Nice. Great post, thanks.


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