Friday, 1 March 2013

Inspired & Loving..

I can't quite believe it's Friday already.. and what's even more amazing is it's March.  March?! Can someone please tell me where February disappeared too! A wonderful plus side to these clever disappearing months is that the first of March also means the official start of Autumn and all its loveliness.  This week I've been really inspired by simplicity, of making do and reinventing.  So much of our life is in storage at the moment and at times I'm longing for more space, for my collections, my vintage boots and many of my favourite books, but I'm coming to realise that none of it really matters right now. So I'm reworking my little space, loving using everyday bits and pieces to decorate and enjoying finding creative ways to make do.     

This week I'm also loving.. This amazing kitchen (and the whole Keke blog), this gorgeous artist and her remarkable sculptures, this perfect pair of heels, this hat (perfect for Autumn) and this super cute brooch,  this whole house (so many lovely details), this crochet pattern book (I bought it on Wednesday and am in love with every pattern) and this bagel recipe which I can't wait to try over the weekend.  But most of all I'm loving that it's Friday which means date night tonight and a wonderful weekend ahead.   

Wishing you a wonderful Friday! What having you been loving this week? 
Got anything special planned this weekend?

Much Love


  1. I agree....March! Where is it going? Time must slow or we must lol...xx

  2. I love your collection of goodies. I'd love that sunset picture on my wall and those perfect pair of heels made me swoon. I'm running away to the big smoke with the Dr, friends and my clogs for the weekend. Enjoy yours. Cx

  3. I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!

  4. Love that little space! So full of pretty things.


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