Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Fab Fun Goals Update..

I can't quite believe we will soon be into the forth month of the year! Where do the days go? I thought I best take a look at the little list of goals I made for myself on the first of January and see if I'd made many of them a reality and to my delight, there were a few I could tick off my list (as an avid and intrepid list maker, this is my favourite part). Some of my goals were easy to complete, others are continuing to be an exciting challenge.  Here's what I've finished so far..

Crochet a blanket - I just finished up a little blanket for my gorgeous new nephew Owen, who was born on the first of March.  It's been such a joy to get back into crochet again and I'm totally hooked.  Now I'm dreaming up a blanket for our bed. 

Buy fresh flowers from the local markets - I love having flowers in my home and since I no longer have roses in the garden, it's been a delight to find some amazing bunches at our favourite weekend markets.   

Drink more water - Well, I decided the most simple way to do this was to buy a giant water bottle and keep it on my desk.  And so far it's working and makes me giggle too (I'm a good talker!). 

Experiment more with my Polaroid cameras - I began with some overheated film in one of my favourite cameras, with some interesting affects.  Next to try with one of my Polaroid Land cameras. 
Start a vegetable garden - I've been wanting to grow my own veggies for years and we've finally put our plans into action, with our first little experimental garden.  It's so exciting to watch our little seedlings grow and I'm already dreaming of expanding and filling the whole backyard with edible delights. 

Five down, only 25 to go! It's going to be a fun filled year indeed!
Have you crossed any goals of your lists this year?  

Much Love


  1. You are so inspiring Sophie! Way to go you! I love the veggie garden. I can't believe that fourth month is fast approaching either. Enjoy ticking off on your list x

  2. Isn't it fun to try new things and cross them off your list of goals? And what a cute water bottle!

  3. You're doing so well on your goals already! Congratulations :) I'm planning on revisiting mine at the end of April, and I hope I'm going as well as you are.

  4. I have not been able to fulfill any goals this year because so far the weather has been awful! Well, one of my goals was to go snowmobiling with my husband as often as we could, which I guess was fulfilled. Now that winter is officially over on the calendar (but it's only 9 degrees F outside...), I am dreaming of my garden. You are an inspiring person, Sophie! x

  5. Congrats on your success so far, and all the best for your next goals!!

  6. OH that veggie garden is going to be amazing! We have crossed off a few items, to include getting ready to move from Korea to Hawaii, and take a nice looong holiday in between, 2013 is wonderful already 4 months in!

  7. I can't wait to garden this year!


  8. I love the blanket Sophie. Good on you for checking things off the list. x

  9. Well done on your list! I definitely agree that crossing things off your list is half the fun! Looking forward to seeing what you cross off next :)

  10. I love that tea cup tea towel with your water bottle!


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