Friday, 22 March 2013

Crafty Project - Easter Decorating..

Easter is such a lovely time to get creative and decorate your home.  Even though it might not be Spring in these parts, it's hard to resist the gorgeous pastel palette, fruity hues and delightful little creatures.  The beauty of Easter decorating is there really are no rules and you can use treasures you already have around your home.  Pop them together into a lovely vignette or as as a table centre piece for Easter Sunday lunch.  It's such a sweet way to add touch of Spring fun to your home.

Here's how I put together my vignette: I love pastel and floral, so it was pretty easy to gather up a few bits and pieces from around my studio.  I decided on a bright, fruity vignette and added a retro floral painting, a cute little duck (created by Delilah Devine) and one of my favourite quotes.  I added a few personal touches with some crocheted bunting (super easy - just make a few little granny squares and chain stitch them together), a vintage brooch, some little flowers from the garden and of course.. some cute little pastel chickens.  I put this vignette together on a white peg board, which I just love for easy decorating.  I would add a few cute bunnies too, if I was creating this on a mantel piece or side board.  Remember it's all about having fun! Don't be afraid to be a little quirky. It's pretty hard not to be when you are working with pink and blue chickens!

My Easter decorating tip.. Washi tape and blu tak are your best friends.  Add a little blu tak to your cute chicken feet and you can stick them anywhere! What fun!

Happy Decorating & Easter Crafting!

 And I hope you have a most wonderful weekend.  I'm off on a lovely little outing with the gorgeous Steph from This Brown Wren tomorrow and I can't wait!

Much Love


  1. Two of my favourites meeting up! Can't wait to hear about that one x

  2. My daughter and I got Easter crafting this afternoon. Enjoy your outing with Steph...she is just all sorts of wonderful! xx

  3. I love the colours you've used and the bunting is so sweet, I just have to make some!

  4. looks lovely, im feeling really inspired to get decorating now!

  5. Nice bunting! Those colours look like so much fun! x

  6. This little arrangement definitely made me smile. :) I need to find some little easter decorations and put them up.

  7. Lovely pictures and inspiration!


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