Sunday, 10 February 2013

Weekend Adventures - Sunshine & Delightful Outings

What I adore about weekends in the city.. is that no two are ever the same.  While last weekend was all about quiet moments and relaxed happenings, this weekend was filled with amazing people, wonderful conversations and delightful outings, all of which have left me full of joy and creative energy.    

Saturday.. Ben and I headed down to the Powerhouse markets for some fresh produce, some tasty treats, but most of all.. to meet Kara and Timothy and see the gorgeous Travelling Wares caravan Frankie (and Country Style superstar) in real life.  And what a treat! I must admit we could have stayed there all day talking to Kara and Timothy about caravans, gardening, collections and more. Such beautiful people and the super cute caravan and irresistible wares were just icing on the vintage cake.  And what could top off such a morning, then fortuitously bumping into the delightful Steph from This Brown Wren whilst checking out all the lovely wares.  Oh how I love this city! 

After the market fun, we enjoyed a picnic in the park, an afternoon film and an adventure to New Farm dog park, Jack's favourite new place to hang out, with what seemed like every other cute little fluffy white dog in Brisbane.  

The gorgeous Frankie.. even more adorable in real life. 

Just a few of Kara's delicious wares.. completed with twine and figs. 

A morning that includes beautiful vintage and a pain au chocolat.. is just perfection. 

Sunday.. Began with a little time in the garden, followed by a quick trip to James Street, for a little window shopping, some inspiration and a stop in at one of my favourite, Jocelyn's Provisions for some sweet treats to take to a very delightful tea party.  Now this was no ordinary tea party.. This was a Kit and Nancy style tea party, which means wonderful company, fabulous crockery and always leaving with a vintage goody or two. It was so such a fabulous afternoon shared with three amazing girls, Laura, Kimberly from Kijaro and Ainsley from My Nana's Joy.. Yes that's right, four passionate collectors around one vintage clothed table... so much fun! 

So happy my basil is loving its morning sun on the deck.. 

Gorgeous window display at St. Barts. Serious cushion love!

How I do love sweet treats tied up with string.. 

A little peek at a few of the colours and patterns at our fabulous collector's tea party. 

My goodness, what a weekend! Now to look forward to a week of making, writing, photo taking and perhaps even a spot of baking for Valentine's Day.  

Here's to a beautiful, love filled week!
Much Love


  1. Sophie, you always have such lovely adventures! And take such beautiful photos, too. xx

  2. Yum! That pain au chocolate definitely just made me hungry! Looks like a wonderful weekend adventure!

  3. A perfect weekend lovely lady surrounded by all that vintage inspiration.

  4. What a gorgeous weekend you had. I can only imagine how lovely a kit & nancy tea party would be. Full of vintage lovelies and delicious tasty treats I would think. I hope your week is a lovely one.
    Melinda x
    P.S. And how beautiful is Steph from This Brown Wren. We use to be market buddies and enjoyed a yarn or two or three.....

  5. I cannot grow basil to save my life :)

  6. Twas a gorgeous weekend with such lovely coincidences! Can't wait to catch up to plan our adventure. I am beyond excited. Wishing you a beautiful week lovely new friend :) x


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