Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tales of a Garden Dweller..

Yes, that's me.. the garden dweller.  It seems that's where you will most likely find me at the moment, in the morning watering the veggie patch, late in the afternoon taking photos and creating little vignettes and in the evening, picking fresh herbs for dinner.  For the last six months, after rereading Velvet Pears I've been dreaming about creating a beautiful garden and although we are still in between homes, this hasn't stopped me finding a little patch of earth (oh how I love The Secret Garden) and making it my own.  This afternoon in between rain showers I set out to capture some tiny garden moments..

While I pottered I dreamed of the future, of the many gardens I am yet to create, of the house I know is just waiting for us somewhere, ready to be loved and called home.  And while I stopped to smile at my daydream, the afternoon sun peeked out from behind the rain clouds. 

So how is your garden growing? What delights are sprouting up at your place at the moment?
Much Love


  1. ooh! I just started (a few weeks ago) a balcony garden: full of veggies and herbs. so far nothing is big enough to eat, other than the herbs, but it's just nice to see the green :)

  2. We're still under snow here, but I simply can't wait to see all the bulbs that I planted in the fall blossom into flowers in the spring. This was the first year I made a special trip to a nursery to get bulbs and I'm so excited to see the flowers. I live in the garden in the spring, summer and fall too. Such a pleasure. Your plants look lovely.


  3. Love the pics of all your delicious growing. So wonderful, plentiful and enriching xx

  4. We are still in the dead of winter here... Goodness I can't wait to get back into the garden though! :)

    This Lovely Little Day

  5. Winter is still upon us (which I am perfectly okay with!), but I do long to begin my garden. I have such lovely plans. x

  6. I can't wait to start gardening! It's still cold over here, but spring will get there soon (hopefully). Love all the pics!

  7. Your garden looks lovely, me and my boyfriend are growing sunflowers on the window ledge we got our first shoot today it was very exciting!

    Kirstabelle xxx


  8. My garden is overgrowing at the moment! I need to get in there and get it weeded. Although I'm not much of a green thumb so I might get someone else to do it for me! In my new house (can't believe I move in a week!) the garden is lovely though, so I'll have to get some lessons from my mum on how to keep it well!

  9. I was never interested in gardening till I owned {mortgaged lol} my own place - its a nice place to be alone - to be with thoughts - to get dirty and sweaty. Its nice to know whats in your food at the end of the day :)


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