Friday, 8 February 2013

StickyGram Love & Giveaway..

A few weeks ago, the lovely people from StickyGram asked me if I'd like to try out their fun product.  It was perfect timing as I was just thinking about getting some of my favourite Instagram photos printed for my new studio.  Have you checked out StickyGram before? It's a super easy to use site that turns your Instagram images into magnets! 

They arrive in the mail in a sheet of nine, all pretty and ready to apply to any magnetic surface.  I chose some of my favourite summer photos and added them to the magnetic whiteboard in my studio.  Now every time I leave myself a silly note or blog idea, it's so lovely to see some of my fun summer memories.   I'm thinking about making a new set for each season. It would be so nice to look back at a whole year captured on cute little magnets.  I think I might need a bigger whiteboard!

I've also got TWO packs of StickyGrams to give away!

To Enter the Giveaway: 
To win your own sheet of StickyGrams, just leave a comment below and tell me which photo from  your Instagram feed you'd like to turn into a StickyGram.

The StickyGram giveaway is open to everyone, worldwide
Entries close 11:59pm Thursday the 14th of February Australian EST time. 
TWO winners will be drawn at random next Friday the 15th of February

Good Luck!
Much Love

EDIT: Thank you for entering - The StickyGram giveaway is now closed. 


  1. Gorgeous Sophie!
    I think I'd like to turn some of our caravan trip pics into magnets.
    Slowly they are travelling further and further down into my archives and I'd love to drag them out and look at the every time I open the fridge.
    Happy weekend. xx

  2. What a fabulous idea! I have gorgeous photo in my instagram feed of my little girl peeking through a hole in our fence at the boys next door, it's my absolute favourite and i'd love to be able to see it everyday on our fridge.

  3. Great giveaway.Love what you did with the magnets.
    I would like to turn all the photographic moments into magnets.Love to showcase my photography.

    Have a great day


  4. This giveaway is great, I love StickyGrams,
    I got some from my NewYork trip and my dog.
    Now I want snapshots from summer/spring times on my fridge to!!

    Have a nice weekend,

  5. ooh there'd definitely be a photo (or 9) of my silly sampson cat.
    he always puts a smile on my face :D

  6. Oh yes please StickyGrams are on my list of must gets at the moment.
    Hard to decide on one pic but I have this stunning pic of my two little people sitting on my bed no shirts on in this gorgeous afternoon natural summer light, totally unaware I've taken a pic and both of them with most glorious and contented smiles on their faces.

    But of course there are many other pics I'd like to include like vintage finds, patterns and treasures.

  7. I have a picture of my son making his first snow angel (at six months old, hah!), with his tongue sticking out. It would make a great magnet.

  8. Ooh, I have been thinking about these!
    Not sure how I would choose just ninepics though!
    IG- rhiannonjward
    Rhi xx

  9. I would definitely love a magnet of one of my first instagram photos: my fiance playing guitar. It's always calming and relaxing when he plays, and it would be such a lovely reminder on a magnet!

  10. I love love love STICKYGRAMS!!! I would get a photo of my hubby and I at the Painted Ladies in S.F. {The houses from Full House}. It's one of my faves!

  11. I would love magnets for some of the photos of my babykitty, Eli, and his friend Smokey <3 They are just too cute together. But there's also a silly photo of my and my boyfriend reflected in another phone. Phoneception, haha
    manda.m.rave (at)

  12. I would love to have some of my instagrams printed, probably of me and my best friend or of Montreal since I'll be moving soon!
    Thanks for the giveaway Sophie!

  13. What a wonderful giveaway!!!
    I would choose some photos of me and my husband togheter.
    StickyGrams are a great idea.
    Thanks a lot.
    Un abrazo
    xxx -mar-

  14. I would love to win these! I just was introduced to instagram, and so I would use my pictures from my latest adventures ;-)

  15. I LOVE this idea!! I think I'd want this one (one of my recent favorites!) as a magnet:

  16. It would be of the parisian carrousel - so pretty and remind me of an amazing time! Great giveaway, Sophie!

  17. Pictures of cupcakes! I'm trying to lose weigh and am steering away from anything devilish! This will be probably suppress my cravings =)

  18. Thanks for the competition! I would get my favourite photo of me and my best friend laughing in the Sydney sun as she's just moved to Germany for 3 years and I miss her TERRIBLY!

    1. And of course I'd make some magnets to send to my friend too! With many thanks to you and Stickygram.

  19. I love this picture, taken on my birthday on a trip to Katoomba And probably a bunch of my fiance and my cats ;)
    Kitty & Buck
    kittyandbuck {at} gmail {dot} com

  20. I'd love to have some of the photos from my choir's trip to DC for competition turned into Stickygrams!! :)

    Gabby Hayes

  21. We have just enjoyed a family camping trip to Kangaroo Island from Sydney. I was able to capture the most beautiful photos using instagram- the colours are incredible. I took a photo of my husband and 3 boys on the 'Remarkable Rocks' on KI- it is perfect!!! My oldest on has Cerebral Palsy and getting him onto those rocks in the wheelchair was very daring and exciting.
    I kept the blog updated while we travelled with all of our instagram pics.
    I love your inspiration board! What a great way to display those happy memories and keep you inspired.

    :) Melissa
    'It's a Date'-

  22. I want one SOOO bad! I'm amberweinberg on instagram and want to use the photos I've taken of my time in England!

    Amber Weinberg

  23. My Instagram pic would be the one I took last week of my daughters first day in grade 1. Awesome giveaway. Cheers.

  24. My instagram picture would be a picture of me and my boyfriend from our snow trip last year! So many good memories and its perfect for my blogs whiteboard. I love your idea of each season!

  25. Oh, what a fantastic giveaway. I'd have to chose a photo from our recent summer mini-break to Golden Bay. It was such a fantastic couple of days I'd love to be reminded of every time I head for the fridge! I'm mahanasally on IG. S:)

  26. Lovely idea! I got Instagram at the same time that I got my first cat. So I would choose one of the pictures when she is a baby, I don't have them anywhere else.

  27. I love getting my insty pictures developed! It is so fun. I would get the picture of me and the hubs at a wedding we attended recently. It is so sweet!

    the Joyful Thrifter

  28. Oh FUN! I have seen these and they are on my permanent wish list :) I have printed out photos for a friends baby shower and they turned out so well! These would just look too fun on the fridge!

  29. Those are too cute!! I'd pick one of my three kiddos. :)

  30. What a lovely giveaway! I'd pick the photos I took from my local beach at summer - I'm moving in a couple of weeks and I'm thinking they'd look great on my new fridge! :)

  31. Jaxxbirch is my instagram, and the picture I would choose is the one where I describe the CRPS

  32. Great giveaway and perfect timing for valentines day/ our wedding anniversary coming up. I'd use the photos of my two little ones miss three and Tully just five weeks old. I'd create a collection of family snaps for my husband to celebrate our six years married.

  33. Fun. I'd love to turn a photo of my little man Roscoe into a magnet. Hugs.

  34. Fun. I'd love to turn a photo of my little man Roscoe into a magnet. Hugs.

  35. There's a photo that my boyfriend took of me two summers ago when we were in the CA Redwoods. It's my favorite instagram photo!

  36. Oh how I would love to turn some of my pics into magnets! I would definitely choose some of my birthday pictures and my pic of hot cocoa and one of colorful toes,flip-flops, and grass (it reminds me of summer!)

  37. Definitely the ones of my pet rabbit Jake. I don't have any physical photos of him!

  38. probably one of the pictures of my baby!

  39. I have been wanting to try these for a while, they are so cute! I would probably choose one of my many cat photos, or one with my boyfriend and I.

  40. We are giving away 2 Stickygram promo codes on our blog for 2 lucky winners so they can turn their photos into magnets.
    I leave the link in case someone wants to participate!
    Cheers & Thanks!


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