Monday, 4 February 2013

Secondhand Style - Pattern Love

Dress: Thrifted  Cardigan: Secondhand from Sarah
Shoes: Emerson   Belt: Kmart  Brooch: Wilde Asher

It feels like so long between style posts but it seems Queensland and her interesting summer weather have made photo taking a little tricky over the past few weeks.  I'm so happy that the weather has cooled down a little and the storm clouds disappeared over the weekend to make way for perfect afternoons and amazing sunsets.  We found this abandoned substation opposite 'The Old Museum' yesterday while taking Jack for an afternoon walk.  I just love finding interesting old buildings, with worn edges and charming old details and I don't think I've even begun to scratch the surface of the lovely architecture Brisbane has to offer.  

I'm loving my secondhand style challenge at the moment and have thrifted a few lovely summer dresses recently that have been on high rotation.  I'm always searching for pieces that can transition through the seasons and the collar and sweet floral print on this dress have made it an instant favourite. Not only that it's perfect for pattern mixing (something I'm very fond of indeed!) I also can't wait to pair it with boots and a denim jacket for Autumn. Can you tell I'm nearly ready for some cooler weather, layers and tights.  Well perhaps after a few more weekend trips the beach. 

Wishing you a lovely Monday!
Much Love


  1. nice cardi tee hee! I love the outfit!

  2. Very cute. I too am very much looking forward to the cooler weather and the temps in the last two days have been a delight.

  3. Lovely little outfit.
    You've done a great job of pattern mixing.

  4. You are one gorgeous lady Sophie. I love your outfit. Melinda x

  5. LOVE your hair honey! And Jack is pretty dam cute too! x

  6. It's so great to find lovely dresses at thrift shops! Usually the price is so low that there is no problem getting it tailored to fit best, or even doing it yourself!

  7. Such a great outfit. You pretty much dress the way I wish I did.. but lack the body and skill to do it!

  8. Well, I love your outfit, but what's really grabbing my attention is a dog named Jack! :) My corgi/chihuahua mix is named Jack, in honor of his enormous jack rabbit ears.

  9. oooo! Sophie, so glad to see some of your thrifty outfits again! This dress is so gorgeous - the pattern will last through the season so well.


  10. I love those flats, they are so sweet. I love the floral and stripes combo.


  11. So I somehow only just now discovered your blog. I love it! Really enjoying all your lovely posts.
    Also have to say: You're beautiful.
    Off to read more of your blog now and gaze enviously at your cuteness!

    <3 Leney


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