Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday I'm in Love..

I've decided to turn Valentine's Day into a whole week and next year perhaps even the whole month of February.  I've seen a whole different side to the 'traditional' day this year, feeling it's all about sharing the love and doing little things to make others smile, as well as that one special Valentine. All this love on just one day just doesn't seem right, so I'm keeping the good vibes and loving thoughts going right on into the weekend! 

This week has been filled with sweet little moments, making, baking and most of all, simple and lovely words and actions. 

Hearts everywhere.. Mini love hearts for this photo and a few little crochet hearts from One Sheepish Girl's Sheepish Heart Bomb

Valentine's lunch with my mum at Le Bon Choix..

A beautiful bouquet of natives from my adorable husband.. chosen from a local grower.  

Touches of romance from the clothes line to the table.. Apple crumble was our Valentine's dessert of choice and one of my favourites to make.  

I found the perfect spot for my little hearts in a local park.. It was such fun, I think I might make put it on my weekly to do list.  

I hope your week has been filled with love too!
Much Love

PS: A big congratulations to Shell from Kitty and Buck and Emily from the Anna Delores blog, who are the winners of the StickyGram giveaway.  Thanks so much to everyone who entered.  I'll be in touch with you soon girls. 


  1. Such pretty little things. Love that your hubby got your flowers from a local grower, and I so admire your little crocheted gifts to strangers. :)

  2. The little hearts are awesome! Especially the rainbow one. Imagine if you ended up covering the whole fence with them! It would be like a full-on street art installation. People could even contribute.

    Sorry, I got carried away! :)

  3. i love those little crochet hearts...i did know how to make them, but I'm sure I've forgotten. I love the idea of placing them around your neighbourhood...and that crumble looks divine. Happy VD! xx

  4. love is all around! :) pretty pictures and well spent time as I read :) have a nice weekend*

  5. I saw that on Meredith's blog, such a sweet idea. I think keeping the love going is a great idea, little thoughts and touches make all the difference to our relationships :-) xx

  6. I love your flowers - so different from what we normally see for V-Day.

    I received so many sweet home made cards this year from girlfriends wishing me well & reminding me of their love for me. Of course many of them do this yr round. I agree that sharing love is not for just one day a yr.

  7. Ohhh apple crumble. So, so good.

  8. Sweet Lott
    Sweet little hearts! I must learn how to make them. My husband's favourite pudding too!

  9. I love the heart bombs! And a whole month of valentine goodness.

  10. Love the heart bombing! Saw that on your insta feed and LOVED the whole concept! :) Of course I had to look through the whole # and there are some awesome shots/locations for these surprise hearts! So nice of you to consider others like that! x

  11. It's a great idea! Why dedicating only one day a year to love? I'm with you on turning the whole of February into Valentine's month.

  12. I love the idea of celebrating love for the whole of February - and for making it about more than just romantic love xx


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