Monday, 11 February 2013

February Seven Vignettes..

I just love when Jen's 7 Vignettes challenge rolls around each month.  I enjoyed creating January's vignettes so much, I couldn't wait to see what February had in store.  Jen's selected some challenging themes this month and I must say I was scavenging high and low for interesting bits and pieces to style with.   I do love being pushed out of my comfort zone and revelled in dreaming up my week's vignettes...

Day One - Books. Inspired by Catherine Campbell's beautiful artwork and roses from the market. 

Day Two - Texture. Inspired by nature's beauty.

Day Three - Love. Inspired by travels with my love.

Day Four - Shiny. Inspired by family heirlooms with a modern twist.  (The cake stand belonged to my great great grandparents and was given to them on their diamond wedding anniversary in 1948.)

Day Five - Cushions. Inspired by travels, daydreams and tales of love. 

Day Six - Old. Inspired by fortuitous finds and memories of old. 

Day Seven - Pattern. Inspired by my love of retro patterns and bright colours. 

My favourite day.. I loved creating both Texture and Pattern.. Mixing elements is one of my favourite ways to style.  Most challenging day.. Was most definitely Shiny. I don't really decorate with anything shiny, so I really had to think outside the box with that one.  I'm already dreaming up ideas for March, I think I'm becoming a little vignette obsessed.  Check out The Interiors Addict for all the 7 Vignettes details and join in the fun in March too. 

Hope you're having a most lovely Monday!
Much Love

PS. Pop over here to see my January Vignettes


  1. Lovely eye candy! My favourite is your first one...the print, roses and books...can't go wrong really :)

  2. Oh these are lovely! What a nice idea, I might try this myself one day :)
    I cannot really pick a favourite one, they all have something special, don't they?

  3. Pretty! I love a good vingnette!

  4. So lovely Sophie. Texture and pattern would have to be my favourite too. Melinda x

  5. Loved all your vignettes, so inspiring!! Had to ask, where did you find the print the fox? or is it a cat? I absolutely love it!

    1. Thanks so much! The Fox print is by Donna Wilson and was from last year's Frankie calendar. It always makes me smile :)

  6. All of your vignettes are divine but my heart skipped a beat at number 2 and number 3. Just beautiful! Hope your week is gorgeous.
    Steph x
    P.S. We are going lovely lady!! Weeeeeeeeee!

    1. Oh you are so sweet lovely lady! And HOORAY, we are going! I'm so excited, I did a little happy dance around the kitchen this morning!

  7. Love all you vignettes! My favourites are Texture and Love. :)

  8. I loved each and every one of your vignettes, Sophie! It was such fun to join in for Feb - can't wait to see what's in store for March. I'm secretly hoping a lot of the themes revolve around ideas to do with moving, packing, unpacking, etc - what do you think my chances are? Slim to nil, I'm thinking!!


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