Thursday, 10 January 2013

Inspired & Loving..

Throughout the week I always find myself gathering a stash of lovely links to come back to for inspiration.  Most go on Pinterest but in the past I've always loved sharing them on my blog too, especially so I can go back and check them out later once I clear out my weekly bookmarks folder.  So I thought I'd continue my Inspired & Loving post each week and share a few things that are making me happy!

  This week I'm inspired by making dreams become reality as I just finished our giant vision board for 2013.  This year we are focusing on finding the perfect piece of wilderness to call our own and giving ourselves loving gently reminders of the lifestyle we are constantly inspired to live.  I'm also loving.. Rethink: The Way You Live (which I mentioned last week) it has had such a wonderful impact on my life, this inspiring interview with Sibella Court, these incredible knitted yoga balls (I'm in love), these super cute gift idea, these amazing free spirit spheres and almost anything to do with creating a yurt (my new favourite way of living). 

What's inspiring you this week?
Much Love


  1. Those Free Spirit Spheres are absolutely incredible!

  2. Please keep doing this "inspired and loving", it´s always great!

  3. After reading your post, you're inspiring me this week. I like how you're making it a goal to making your dreams a reality. Dream big girl!

  4. I love your vision board. Thank you for the inspiration.


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