Thursday, 3 January 2013

Inspired & Loving..

There is just something about this time of year that I adore.  Everywhere I look people are motivated, excited, renewed, inspired and ready to embrace the beauty of 2013 and I'm definitely feeling the love.  This week I'm inspired by list making, summer afternoons and vision board creating.  I'm also loving... Dreaming up my first jewellery collection, this amazing anti-gravity yoga studio (I can't wait to check it out!), this inspiring blog post about life long learning,  this sweet garden inspired calendar, this delightful Scottish retreat,  this super cute crocheted purse, this bookish headboard DIY and this amazing book which is next on my must read list.  

What's inspiring you this week?
Much Love


  1. Ah, such a lovely blog, which I am glad to have found through Internet hop-skippery! happy happy new year :)

  2. It must be wonderful to start the new year in summer, I'm quite jealous!
    I just love Emma and Elsie's blog, so inspiring.
    Wishing you a very happy new year where all your dreams come true xx

  3. Sophie, you are an inspiration for me! :) Happy New Year!!

  4. You're right, everyone seems to be inspired at the beginning of the year. I also love A Beautiful Mess blog, it's so creative. Music and blogs have been inspiring me a lot recently, I have also found that cleaning and tidying has helped me, I just need to channel it into writing my dissertation!


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