Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Adventures with Asher..

Once upon a time.. well just over twelve months ago to be exact, we purchased ourselves a little 1974 Franklin caravan.  We found her around the corner from our cottage just waiting for us.  Immediately I had so many plans for Miss Asher and began work straight away ripping up the floors and dreaming up new interior fittings and colour schemes.  Life however had other plans for Asher and I and we didn't get to hang out as often as I would have liked.  

So when the time came to move back to Queensland, we had to make the decision.. Did Asher come along for the adventure or did put her up for sale in the hope that someone else might fall in love with her, like we had.  There were many discussions and much contemplation but in the end we just couldn't leave her behind, and so began Asher's first adventure.  

With little time or spare cash up our sleeves, Asher would begin her adventures in almost original condition.  I added some of my favourite thrifted blankets and cushions and filled with walls with inspiring magazine pages, Frankie posters and Love Mae wall stickers.  With only a few days to go before our departure and with my sewing machine packed, I turned to my good old needle and thread to make some curtains from a favourite retro tablecloth.  With the addition of some vintage kitchen essentials, Asher was ready to hit the road.  

Before we began our adventure, we took her on a little test run for the day. Everything went smoothly and she seemed to handle the highways quite well.  So as we set off on our first day, we waved Mildura goodbye and headed towards the Hay Plain.  

We had just made our way out of Hay and were making great progress when Asher decided she no longer liked one of her tyres and it was pretty much shredded! It wouldn't have been too much of a problem, except that her only spare tyre was the wrong size.  There was no phone reception and no towns for at least an hour or more and for a moment I was sure that we had made the wrong decision bringing her along.  Thank goodness after an hour of hopelessly trying to get the tyre to fit, a lovely gentleman driving the opposite direction, not only stopped to help, but stayed with us and organised a tow truck to come from Griffith and take us there to get new tyres. (This was not part of the plan, but neither was sitting on the road side for three hours in the hot sun hoping that a tow truck would come out to collect us.)  And in that moment, as we followed Asher to Griffith, her little floral curtains bouncing up and down in the sunset, I was so glad she was ours.

So once we reached Griffith and picked up some new tyres it was smooth sailing. We even got to take Asher to my favourite childhood caravan park, Clarkes Beach at Byron Bay for an evening.  She was quite a hit and got a few lovely compliments from the neighbouring caravan owners.

It was such a wonderful feeling to pull up at our destination with Asher in one piece after driving her 1800 kilometres across Australia.   But her adventures were only just beginning..

These days she is having a lovely time, hanging out on Ben's parents property, just outside out Woodford, where she will be getting treated to a makeover over the next month or two. It was wonderful to spend a few days back with her over Christmas and I couldn't resist a few summer photos.  It's amazing how a little old caravan can feel like home but she really does.  We can't wait to get her ready to become Wilde Asher's mobile shop so stay tuned for more of Asher's adventures soon. 

Much Love


  1. Cool Sophie, love it. I have an old van of similar era and style. But, although I love it I am completely stuck on how to renovate it or where to start. Do I try to keep it in original condition or make it look completely different?! Do I turn it into a business venture or keep it for camping/adventure? I will watch your progress for some much needed inspiration x

    1. Thanks so much Jane, I know there are so many possibilities! We are going to keep the couch/bed so we can still use it for camping adventures too.

  2. What a great adventure! I can't wait to see what you do with Asher next.

  3. Oh she is glorious, so glad you decided to keep her. mel x

  4. Such a cute little van. All your vintage accessories look lovely displayed.

  5. Having spent the morning drooling over Rosaluna's caraven, I'm now dripping all over your lovely Asher. Cosy cool caravanning, Sophie. x

  6. I'm so glad you didn't have to leave her behind. Hope to see more of her!!

  7. What a lovely van, I miss mine (Bluebell). It wasn't really an option to bring her to Australia with us! I look forward to seeing the lovely adventures that you share with Asher x

  8. What a sweet story, she's so lovely already I can't imagine how she could possibly be lovelier! I'm so glad you kept Asher and for all the adventures you've had and will have with her.

  9. How gorgeous! I'm so jealous. I've wanted a caravan for the longest time!


  10. Oh my goodness, Asher is such a beaut! I'm glad that you couldn't bear to give her up. I'm glad that you have these memories with her now.


  11. Wow this is so romantic. I love the cosy way you have decorated the interior. Lovely photos

  12. She is very cute indeed. We are fixing up a pop up camper at the moment and have pulled out all of the cupboards in the hope of making it a bit more family friendly. I'm just trying to find the right retro curtains!

  13. Oh my, I love your sweet Caravan Asher. Mr. Retro found a 1970 Tag-a-Long camper that was reallly just a shell. He'll be building us a new inside, but the outside will still look 1970's caravan cool! Fun to follow your journey. Once spring comes, I hope to blog about ours.

    You made yours so warm and inviting. :)

  14. eeeek she is a beauty! My husband and I bought a T25 VW campervan at the beginning of the year, which we lovingly named Doris. I can't wait to give her a make over inside! This post is great inspiration.


  15. I was just reading your post on finding your blogging groove... I wonder if it has something to do with the luna cycle, as I too had lost my groove... many ideas have come to mind but writing the posts is where I am falling down this year... I want to find my groove again too :-(

    While reading your post I was suddenly distracted by Asher, she is so very similar to our Cécile, we have only just purchased her this year but she is a 1965 Franklin... not a lot changed in that 9 year period in the Franklin's it would seem, as our interior facade is identical to yours.

    Looking forward to seeing Asher's transformation... enjoy!

  16. Oh one more thing here is a link to a picture Céicile


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