Friday, 30 November 2012


Not a day goes by when I'm not creating or adding to a collection.. Some last moments, others for years. No matter its duration, each collection, is sourced with intent and love, for its story, pattern, shape, colour or design and every addition adds a little bit of beauty to my day. 

What do you collect?

Much Love

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Be Kind to Yourself..

Over the past few months, many lovely people have told me to be kind to myself.. and to be honest at first I wasn't really sure what it meant.  What is it that I was meant to be doing? Through my healing process I've really begun to understand the the vast emotions that one can go through in a day.  It is perhaps with this insight that I feel this simple phrase now takes on a whole new meaning.  

I've begun to realise that maybe we all need to be a little kinder to ourselves, each and every day.  Not just the days that are particularly low, but all the ones that are in between the wonderful and not so wonderful. Maybe each day we all need that kind soul to tap us on the shoulder, give us a hug and a sweet reminder that it will all be ok.  

So here is a virtual hug, a tap on the shoulder and a little list.. of a few ways that you can be kind to yourself.  Take half an hour, or even five minutes and remind yourself of how precious you are.

Way to be kind to yourself..
-Learn something new.. in my darkest moment, I decided to teach myself to hula hoop and you know what.. it really helped.
- Take a bath.. add bubbles, rose petals, candles, music.. anything to make it feel really special.
- Walk.. Just go.  No directions, no destination.  Just enjoy the sunshine.. or even the rain.
- A book, a big old chair and a cup of tea..enough said.
- Sit under a tree (if possible in your backyard).. Feel the earth and watch the magic that happens everyday around your home when you're not looking.
- Take a pen and a piece of paper.. Write down whatever it is you really want to say.
- Stop whatever it is you are doing.. Put on your favourite song and dance! Grab a family member or furry friend for extra fun.
- Do whatever it is that brings you joy!

Much Love

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Weekend Adventures..

Happy Weekend! I hope you are enjoying magical weekend, where ever you are in the world.  Ben and I are doing a little exploring of Brisbane this weekend, which begun with a trip to the fabulous Powerhouse farmers market this morning.  I spent many days playing in New Farm Park when I was little and it is so lovely and a little nostalgic to once again enjoy the amazing Poincianas and Jacarandas in full bloom.  

So we would love your help with our adventure.. If you know of anywhere lovely around Brisbane that we should check out on our travels, we would love to know. 

What are your weekend plans?
Much Love

Friday, 23 November 2012

A Week of Inspiration..

Little by little, after months of searching, I can feel my creative soul re-emerging.  Day by day, I am beginning to see the world in a whole new way, enjoying the tiny, beautiful details from my summer days.  I woke up this morning with a sudden urge to give Her Library Adventures a little makeover, to reflect the positive changes in my world and my new adventures.  I'm so happy with the results and am already feeling at home in my new space.

Here are a few moments from my week that have inspired my soul.    

The fabulous sights and sounds of The Harvest Festival.. 

This amazing vintage Acapulco design cup & saucer.. 

Getting plenty of ideas for Asher from this wonderful book, My Cool Caravan

Summer crochet time.. Making a little weekend bag. 

Wild flowers in tiny vintage canisters.. 

I love the feeling of being back in a creative place and although there are many days where I'm still trying to find my feet, it's nice to be back and be truly present in the moment.  

Much Love

PS. Photos taken on my iPhone and edited in Afterglow.  I'm in love with this little app, it's just gorgeous and definitely worth checking out.  

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Weekend Adventures..

Since making the move to Brisbane we have been busy launching Wilde Asher and getting settled into our new city lifestyle.  So last weekend was our first real opportunity to get away to the country, to visit Ben's parents with our dog Jack and our beloved caravan Asher in tow. 

While we were up in Kilcoy, we decided it was a perfect chance to spend the day in two of our favourite near by towns, Maleny and Montville.  


Much to my delight the Montville streets were covered with amazing Jacaranda flowers, making the little township feel even more like a wonderful fairy village. We stopped for brunch at our favourite cafe, the Poets Cafe, a little spot that holds some beautiful memories for us, including our first weekend getaway together many years ago.  

Although it was drizzling most of the day, the overcast weather only added to the charming and eclectic vibe of Maleny.  Filled with delightful flowers and organic produce, gorgeous antiques and the wonderful Rosetta Books, Maleny is most certainly our kind of town.

We had such a beautiful weekend and spent the car trip back to Brisbane making lovely plans for the future and dreaming of our 'one day' perfect little patch of land,  hopefully somewhere close to this inspiring part of the world.  

I hope your weekend was beautiful too!
Much Love

Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Weekend with Asher..

This weekend we are taking our lovely caravan, Asher up to my in-laws property near Woodford so we can treat her to a little makeover.  It's been a long time dream to be able to sell my vintage wares out of a little caravan and after nearly twelve months and a long road trip to Queensland, Asher is finally getting a new look, just in time for the summer markets and festivals. Will be sure to share updates and photos from our road trip soon.    

What are your plans this weekend? Have a wonderful time, whatever you are up to. 

Much Love

PS. This week over on the Wilde Asher blog, I've been writing about treehouses, mixing patterns, Spring blossoms and our latest collection of vintage shirts.  I'd love you to pop by and check it out. 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Letting Go..

Never before has a quote been more true or more profound to my soul..

It amazes me how a person's thoughts from so long ago can transcend time and space and resonate with another in such unique way. Do you have a particular quote that you are connected to? I would love to hear about it.  

Much Love

Lace from my collections, rosemary and flowers from the garden..

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bowerbirds & Inspiration..

Over the many years of writing this blog, chasing beauty and searching for inspiration have always been an integral part of my creative journey. I've always been a collector and love to surround myself in inspiring bits and pieces. Today, I was privileged to meet a woman who has inspired my creative process in so many ways and most recently, her words and images have helped to reignite the fire within my soul, in the days when I thought, all was lost.  This morning, I had breakfast with Sibella Court.

Meeting Sibella today was inspiring beyond words. She was in Brisbane on her Australian tour for her amazing new book, Bowerbird.   Listening to her speak about her life, her travels and her wild collections reminded me to follow my heart, to focus on what's truly important and to do what I love most.  

So I pull up the anchor, hoist the main sails and set off... in a new city, with a new business and notebook full of ideas to explore. I look to the horizon, to tomorrow...

A brand new day and a new adventure.
Much Love

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Finding My Voice..

I've never had trouble finding my writing voice, it's something that has always been inside me. I've always had a notebook and pen in hand, always had a story to share.  But when we lost Cohen, everything was turned upside down and nothing in my world was the same as before.  

No matter how much I wanted to, how hard I tried, I could not put a single word on paper.  It was as if my inner writer had left me, feeling perhaps that the words were just too raw and too real to begin to write.  

During my first counselling session, the idea of journal writing as part of the healing process was discussed and I didn't know quite what to say.  I tried to explain that writing was my life, that the words within my soul used to tumble across the page effortlessly.. but now there was nothing but a dark void, an emptiness that I felt I could never fill. I couldn't even open my blog, the one place that always felt like home. It now felt like a space I never wanted to see again.  For within its pages, are so many memories of our time with Cohen, it all just seemed too much to bare.    

However, a part of me yearned to find the words, even though I had no idea where to begin, or if they would ever return.  So as I began packing boxes and preparing the caravan for our move, I carried a little notebook with me, just in case.  And one afternoon, while sitting in the backyard, they came to me.  Not the words I expected to write and not the words my councillor wanted me to pen, but words nonetheless. Ideas in fact, for a book about rediscovering creativity and finding your voice.  Something I so desperately wanted to do myself. 

So each day I have written little by little, sometimes ideas for the book, other times just lists and notes.  It wasn't until my post, The Days in Between that I actually found the words to write about Cohen, about everything that has happened.  After nearly five years of blogging, Her Library Adventures has always moved with me and my creative endeavours and now once more, as I rediscover my voice, my little blog tells the story, more personal than ever before, as our next chapter unfolds.

There is so much about blogging I have missed and a few times recently when I've just wanted to jump online and share my thrifting outings the way I used to.  But I know there is so much in between those everyday moments that I need to express, to help me heal and find my voice again.  So this is my start.. I look forward to writing more each day and sharing our road trip tales and everyday adventures with you soon. 

Much Love

PS. I've also been enjoying sharing daily inspiration at our Wilde Asher blog. It's been a wonderful way to get back into a creative frame of mind and become part of the blogging world again.   

Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Vintage Dream Comes True..

I've been a vintage lover since my days thrifting with my best friend in high school, finding crazy costumes for photoshoots and festivals.  At University, while studying fashion I began to dream of owning my very own vintage boutique, filled with pretty dresses, hats and handbags. My plan then was I would live upstairs from my imaginary little shop, so I could redecorate at midnight.  Fast forward eight years, a wedding, an interstate move and with a growing love for all things vintage, I began to spend my weekends searching for vintage fashion and homewares, slowing building my collection and filling my little cottage to the brim with delightful retro colours and patterns. In 2011, I took a leap of faith, finished up creating handmade accessories and decided to begin a new adventure to create an online vintage shop.  What was originally to be a little Etsy store, soon took on a life of its own and soon I had an amazing business partner, my mum Annie and fabulous art director and photographer, my sister Phoebe, by my side.  It was a beautiful moment to realise we could bring all our dreams and ideas together and for the last 18 months, we have been creating Wilde Asher.

Today, my vintage dream has come true.. Wilde Asher is officially open for business. It has been a long road, with many twists and turns along the way, but I'm so happy to finally have a little shop to call our own. I hope you love Wilde Asher as much as we do! We will be adding new vintage pieces each day and our gorgeous homewares collection will be available for purchase next week.    

Thank you so much for all your support and lovely comments over the past week.  Coming back to this online community has been such a wonderful experience because you. You are such beautiful souls and I feel so blessed to be able to share my journey with you.  It truly does mean so much to me

So please do pop by and have a stroll around Wilde Asher, we'll have a virtual champagne waiting for you! Oh and be sure to pop over to our Wilde Asher blog too, I'm over there each day sharing inspiration and sneak peeks and I can't wait to start our summer DIY and fashion series in the next few weeks. 

Much Love