Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Weekend Adventures..

Since making the move to Brisbane we have been busy launching Wilde Asher and getting settled into our new city lifestyle.  So last weekend was our first real opportunity to get away to the country, to visit Ben's parents with our dog Jack and our beloved caravan Asher in tow. 

While we were up in Kilcoy, we decided it was a perfect chance to spend the day in two of our favourite near by towns, Maleny and Montville.  


Much to my delight the Montville streets were covered with amazing Jacaranda flowers, making the little township feel even more like a wonderful fairy village. We stopped for brunch at our favourite cafe, the Poets Cafe, a little spot that holds some beautiful memories for us, including our first weekend getaway together many years ago.  

Although it was drizzling most of the day, the overcast weather only added to the charming and eclectic vibe of Maleny.  Filled with delightful flowers and organic produce, gorgeous antiques and the wonderful Rosetta Books, Maleny is most certainly our kind of town.

We had such a beautiful weekend and spent the car trip back to Brisbane making lovely plans for the future and dreaming of our 'one day' perfect little patch of land,  hopefully somewhere close to this inspiring part of the world.  

I hope your weekend was beautiful too!
Much Love


  1. Looks like a great weekend!

  2. These photos are gorgeous - I love exploring little towns: I've recently moved to Australia (and as such only recently discovered your blog), and it's one of my favourite activities.

  3. hey soph, I am overjoyed to discover that you're posting again and i'm loving following you on your journey. (sibella court?! impressive!) love that dusty old bookshop.
    love always jo fraser xoxo

  4. What a beautiful place! I love those pieces of the world that simply shout quiet bits of inspiration, and this is definitely one of them. Now to go in search of one myself...

  5. I love your picture of those 'happy' sandals with the jacaranda flowers. Those trees amaze me every year as they always look so sticky and half dead then they burst into those amazing flowers!

  6. So lovely! And great pictures.

  7. That book shop looks so dreamy! I could see myself getting pretty lost in there...

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

  8. Love this photos:)


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