Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bowerbirds & Inspiration..

Over the many years of writing this blog, chasing beauty and searching for inspiration have always been an integral part of my creative journey. I've always been a collector and love to surround myself in inspiring bits and pieces. Today, I was privileged to meet a woman who has inspired my creative process in so many ways and most recently, her words and images have helped to reignite the fire within my soul, in the days when I thought, all was lost.  This morning, I had breakfast with Sibella Court.

Meeting Sibella today was inspiring beyond words. She was in Brisbane on her Australian tour for her amazing new book, Bowerbird.   Listening to her speak about her life, her travels and her wild collections reminded me to follow my heart, to focus on what's truly important and to do what I love most.  

So I pull up the anchor, hoist the main sails and set off... in a new city, with a new business and notebook full of ideas to explore. I look to the horizon, to tomorrow...

A brand new day and a new adventure.
Much Love


  1. What a joy to meet someone so inspiring! I love Sibella's books and I'm sure she was fascinating to listen to.

  2. -- and I wish you a truly Bon Voyage, on your new journey x

  3. A beautiful post Sophie, enjoy your new journey and a wonderful start for inspiration with

  4. You are so inspiring Sophie, the very best of wishes for your new adventure. I'm looking forward to following your journey on the blog with you :) xxx


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