Friday, 23 November 2012

A Week of Inspiration..

Little by little, after months of searching, I can feel my creative soul re-emerging.  Day by day, I am beginning to see the world in a whole new way, enjoying the tiny, beautiful details from my summer days.  I woke up this morning with a sudden urge to give Her Library Adventures a little makeover, to reflect the positive changes in my world and my new adventures.  I'm so happy with the results and am already feeling at home in my new space.

Here are a few moments from my week that have inspired my soul.    

The fabulous sights and sounds of The Harvest Festival.. 

This amazing vintage Acapulco design cup & saucer.. 

Getting plenty of ideas for Asher from this wonderful book, My Cool Caravan

Summer crochet time.. Making a little weekend bag. 

Wild flowers in tiny vintage canisters.. 

I love the feeling of being back in a creative place and although there are many days where I'm still trying to find my feet, it's nice to be back and be truly present in the moment.  

Much Love

PS. Photos taken on my iPhone and edited in Afterglow.  I'm in love with this little app, it's just gorgeous and definitely worth checking out.  


  1. It's great to hear you're getting back on track slowly. :)
    These wildflowers are so pretty - and the gumboots are too.

    Have a great weekend. xo.

    P.S.: I'd rather swap places with you - here in Germany it's sooo freezing cold. ;-)

  2. So pleased to hear you finding your way.
    I know the journey well it's a little by little, day by day thing and some days it's a moment by moment thing. I certainly have found a creative life to be a healing one too.

    That gorgeous cup still has me besotted.

    Thanks for the app tip, will check it out. Lovely makeover by the way. X

  3. I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying being back in your creative space and starting to find your feet again.
    I love the display of wildflowers in the cannister. x

  4. Nice to read this post, and love finding out about different apps, will check it out thanks :)

  5. Loving the cup and saucer, what a great find!!

  6. It's winter here, but that cup just makes me glow. :)

  7. You've been thrifting up a storm.
    I remember seeing that book and thinking of you.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Nice to hear your creativity is returning - and I love both the cups in these pictures! x

  9. A lovely fresh look! Isn't it wonderful how we can change things like this and it gives everything a whole new slant? Take care.

  10. Thanks for the App tip, I will have heaps of fun with that! Great new look too! :)

  11. Loving the makeover, especially the hat you're wearing in your new pic! xx

  12. I'm loving the new look! These pictures are beautiful.


  13. Lovely to hear from you again Sophie and I love your new look. Thanks also for the tip on Afterglow, I am rather new to the world of iPhone and I am trying to resist Instagram because I wonder just how many distraction I need in my life!? I might have a play with Afterglow instead! Have a great weekend x

  14. It looks just lovely, Sophie! I'm addicted to Afterglow as well! :)

  15. So glad there is a flicker of that creativity back, although it's been there all along...just a little quiet :) Sending you lots and lots of prayers and well wishes as you continue to heal. The blog looks lovely.

  16. Gorgeous things! Love the crochet bag!

  17. Glad you feel your creativity is coming back :) I love the wellies and your blog looks lovely <3


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