Saturday, 21 July 2012

Happy Weekend..

Happy Weekend! I hope it's a beautiful one in your part of the world.  The sun is shining here and the winter chill seems to have disappeared from the air, so it's the perfect weekend to continue working on our backyard makeover.  We've done the hardware store rounds this morning (as well as a trip to Spotlight, for some DIY essentials) so this afternoon is all about making progress on our numerous projects.  I'm also excited to be celebrating Christmas in July with our fabulous friends tomorrow afternoon. The menu is set, the tree is up and this afternoon I'll be working on a few little projects to make the table sparkle too.  What fun, getting to celebrate Christmas twice this year! What are your plans for the weekend? If your looking for a little inspiration, why don't you?

Make a delightful dessert style berry pizza tonight..

Get inspired by this pretty Anthropologie dress and and some beautifully detailed pockets to a thrifted skirt or dress..

Enjoy the afternoon sunshine and venture into the garden to create a wonderful succulent feature..

Make your weekend drinks extra pretty with some floral ice cubes..

Start a new collection... I just love these vintage globes styled together..

And always remember.. 

Much Love

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  1. Those floral ice cubes are amazing! I must try that!


  2. Best pockets I've seen for ages!

  3. awwww such a cute post! happy saturday to you. christmas in july is a wonderful idear. i especially love the floral ice cube idea and the print at the end made me tear up. guess i'm emotional today!

  4. So many great ideas!

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. lovely reminders-love the icecubes too!

  6. What an amazing post of all things beautiful! Thank you!

  7. the dessert pizza looks outrageously yummy!


  8. We made the most of the sunshine here in Bunbury, Western Australia too. We had lunch on the beach then headed to Bunnings to grab some potting mix and Gerberas and Marigolds to spruce up our back decking. Bring on Spring & Summer here for us Aussies!

  9. P.S I can totally see a Nutella jar in the background of the Dessert Pizza picture!


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