Saturday, 19 May 2012

Happy Weekend..

Happy Weekend! I hope the weather is wonderful in your part of the world.  It's the perfect Autumn day here, perfect for catching up with friends, working on some crafty projects and spending the afternoon enjoying the sunshine.  What are your weekend plans? Here's a little inspiration to get you started! Why don't you..

Check out this gorgeous magazine
Have a lovely picnic in the backyard 
Bake some tasty donuts
Wear a sweet pair of ballet flats
Make something lovely using paint swatches
Create a sweet gift using an old jar

Have a wonderful day!
Much Love

Beautiful artwork by Katie Daisy - The Wheatfield, available on Etsy


  1. Some lovely ideas here Sophie! We've had the perfect Autumn day here as well, beautifully sunny! :)

  2. These tips are great! I really enjoyed that magazine<3

  3. I always love your weekend suggestions. This weekend I'm putting together a parcel for a dear friend :) x


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