Thursday, 31 May 2012

Feeling Inspired...

After making my little 'Welcome Winter' list a few days ago, I've been filled with ideas for keeping warm, inspired and creative over the coming months.  I took advantage of my delightful afternoon off work, enjoyed the warm Autumn sunshine and began to bring my ideas to life.

This Winter I'm inspired by..

Quiet moments for journalling..

Making afternoons all about tea and crochet..

Getting crafty and trying something new..

Filling my home with bursts of colour..

Baking yummy sweet treats.. (this book is one of my favourites)

Reading classic novels.. snuggled under a crocheted blanket of course

Embracing the beautiful afternoon sunshine..

What's inspiring you right now?


  1. Your photos are so wonderful! I especially love the photos of tea and crochet and of that delicious looking rubarb tart ^_^ What do you use to give your photos rounded corners and borders? It looks super ^_^

  2. Lovely afternoon.
    I am inspired by Tattoos and pin-up photos, After dinner some tea, the rain
    walking with my dog (finally I´m doing exercise) and eating more fruits of the season.

    Princess Corner

  3. You have to quit making me wish it were fall here! :)

  4. That looks like the perfect day to me! Totally inspired by each and every one of those! It does make it tricky to decide which to be inspired by first though :s

  5. that looks so dreamy! ah. i just discovered your blog but i have seen the name around many other blogs. :) i just added you to my daily reads! so lovely.

  6. Oh this all looks so lovely x

  7. Gorgeous photos - I pretty much read How To Be A Domestic Goddess like a book, not just a recipe book! I love the way Nigella writes!

  8. I just finished reading The Great Gatsby. I don't know if I really liked any of the characters, but the writing was beautiful! Enjoy.xx

  9. I love "How to be a Domestic Goddess". Be sure to tell us how the rhubarb tart turns out. While we have it growing like Topsy, I can never bring myself to try and grow the pinkish forced type Nigella writes about.


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