Saturday, 5 May 2012

DIY Round Up.. Clutch Purses

Clutch purses are such a fun accessory to a great way to add a pop of colour to any outfit.  Whether you are heading out for dinner and dancing or just running a few errands, a cute clutch purse is sure to come in handy for all your bits and bobs.   And what I really love is that they are so easy to make yourself.  Here is a round up of a few of my favourite crafty clutch DIYs, a perfect weekend project.

Why not make a super easy clutch from your favourite magazine pages

Or restyle a thrifted suede skirt into an envelope purse.. I love the tassels!

Why not try the sweet origami shaped purse

Or make this striking yellow clutch, big enough for all your essentials

And for something a little more daring, why not try this transparent clutch.. 

How do you like your clutch purses?
Happy Crafting!

Click on links for DIYs and original images


  1. The newspaper clutch is so cute!!

  2. i love the yellow one!and the magazine one too..wish i could have them all! :D

  3. i love the tasseled on! i'd take it any day.

  4. I would make the magazine one! Very cool!

  5. Very cute ideas! The suede is my favorite by far!

  6. NOT transparent! I want to keep my clutter hidden. :-)

  7. Oh what a cool idea! I love love love the origami one.


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