Monday, 23 April 2012

What I Wore.. Gathering Leaves

Top: Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's Skirt: Sunny Girl 
Belt: Thrifted Sunglasses: c/o Mix Apparel 
Shoes: Cotton On - Painted by me

So as I spent most of the weekend in my 'making a mess' attire, this was my most creative outfit for the weekend and was quite suitable for our leaf gathering picnic.  The skirt is one of my favourites and I've had it since I worked at a little boutique on the Gold Coast about eight years ago.  I still wear it often and it always seems to blend in nicely with the surroundings.  I painted these cheap Oxfords a few months back after a year of not wearing them once.. Now I wear them all the time! Amazing what a little bit of paint can do.. although I'm not sure how they would fare in the rain.  Another item getting a workout in my wardrobe is this tee, I bought it in New York and I can't believe how handy it is.  That and I always feel a little more chic when I'm wearing Karl Lagerfeld, even when I'm searching for pretty leaves. 

What's your go 'chic' wardrobe item?
Much Love


  1. Love these shoes!

    Different outfit for you - I love your more colourful dresses and skirts, but I'm super partial to that especially if vintage! But this outfit does have very autumn feel!


  2. I love the fabric for your skirt! xo, rv

  3. An inspired outfit indeed, love the whole ensemble. The painted 'Oxfords'are fantastic! I used to paint my shoes in my teens and love seeing some adaptive reuse techniques to repurpose a wardrobe being used, especially as fashion is/can be so throw away... My 'chic' wardrobe peices are from 'The Wolf & I' range, an awesome independant label in Melbourne check this interview out...

  4. You even blend in with the location! Lovely! I wore my oxfords today! ...must be that kind of weather!

  5. Love the shoes! May be enough to awaken a tiny DIY in me...which is rare.

  6. Yes! Defititely love the shoes!

  7. Great outfit - I really love that skirt! :)


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