Friday, 27 April 2012

Musical Interlude..

Good morning! We are having a little interlude this morning here at Her Library Adventures as we are experiencing some slight technical difficulties with our Internet connection.  So while I work on getting everything back to regular programming, here's a little vintage goodness for your Friday morning and a musical treat in the form of The Rifle's Spiral, the new single from my favourite band, The Shins. Be sure to check out the fabulous Coreline-esque film clip too!

Hope you are have a most wonderful Friday!  
Much Love


  1. don't stay away too long!


  2. There must be something in the air today! My computers at work were giving me major grief making it impossible to get done what I really needed to....guess it is an early start to the weekend ;)

  3. Lovely vintage treats in that picture (I think I have the matching segmented canisters to your mushroom canisters... love finding similar things on other blogs... here are mine


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